Netgear wireless adapters

  Garb 11:25 23 Jan 2013

Win7 64-bit Orange brightbox router Netgear WPN111 and WG111T wireless adapters. Have downloaded the win7 drivers for both adaters from netgear site and some that were posted by a guy called Ryan. Both (one at a time)adapters show in device manager as working OK. Both show up in Network and Sharing centre as there and enabled under "change adapter settings. However do not get wireless symbol on system tray and when I try to set up a wireless connection my brightbox doesn't show. Is there a setting in the router I am missing, or are netgear adapters just a load of rubbish? Currently using a hard wired connection to PC from router, but would like to move to another room. Have tried the netgear software with wizard and just updating the drivers with the driver files only. Latest development is the netgear driver installation wizard will not comlete saying a .Dll is missing.

Have I missed something obvious although reading previous posts it seems many people are having similar problems.

  northumbria61 11:39 23 Jan 2013

Check in SERVICES to see if WLAN AutoConfig is running - if not START the service.

  Garb 11:53 23 Jan 2013

Yes it is running and on auto

  northumbria61 11:59 23 Jan 2013

Netgear products are normally very good. Try disabling the adapter, rebooting and reinstalling. Is there any indication as to which .DLL is missing?

  Garb 11:49 24 Jan 2013

Driver (downloaded from Netgear as a Win 7compatible drver) details in device manager show date of 29/7/2008. If this is a win7 driver doesn't the date shown predate windows 7? Have had no luck with uninstalling in safe mode and reinstalling. The wirless connection shows up but will not find my router (brightbox)the light on the adapter flashes as it should. Router and dapter work OK with my old PC with XP on it so the router and adapter are pysically oK.

  Garb 16:58 26 Jan 2013

The Orange website just assumes that if you plug in a wireless adapter that the wireless connection will appear and you will be able to sign in the first time around, which in my case is not happening. The fact that Netgear have had to release Win7 drivers on their site suggests they are not an integral part of win7. To recap, no change and the adapter still not connecting but showing as working properly in device manager. I have found quite a few instances of problems with win7 and the netgear WPN111 on the net. I'm obviously not alone but few if any instances of being able to make it work.

  Garb 10:48 27 Jan 2013

Is this relevant? Router settings are set to Broadcast SSID, so why does win7 not see the brightbox name when trying to set up wireless connection? I click on the network connections and then on the wireless connection (in change adaptor settings) and after selecting "connect to" it just goes straight to the internet connection icon telling me I am already connected to the internet (wired connection). What could cause this. Security is set to mixed mode (WPA + WPA2)which other posts say is the one to use. I tried WEP without success either.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:10 27 Jan 2013

"so why does win7 not see the brightbox name when trying to set up wireless connection?"

Do you see any other wireless networks in the list such as your neighbour's? If you don't then would you expect to see some?

  Garb 17:13 27 Jan 2013

Have tried to connect the adapter with both wired and wireless together and wireless connection on its own. Same result. The brightbox is a wireless router, but have been using it hard wired to the PC whilst i try to establish a wireless network. Have enabled USBIf I disconnect the hard wired connection it shows a wireless icon in the system tray which says no connections available and not connected. I never have seen other wireless networks on the PC even when running on my old pc and using winXP, or even my ipad. I think the houses are spaced out a bit too much in my lane. In properties for the wireless connection it shows all the right services, protocols and clients loaded, but no IPv4 or IPv6 connectivity. Win 7 diagnostics says there may be a problem with the driver. I am definitely using the win 7 including 64 bit driver from the netgear website. Have Wifi protected setup enabled on router but have also tried with it disabled. When trying to connect with this get a setup error message.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:45 27 Jan 2013

Thanks for all the info.

It's possible that your adapters, or perhaps their drivers, were designed for the US market where they use wireless channel numbers 1 to 11. In the UK our routers can operate on channels 12 and 13 as well. If your router is broadcasting on channel 12 or 13 then that could account for why it's invisible to Windows 7. I've certainly encountered that problem before.

Log into your router, look at the wireless settings and ensure it's using a channel number in the 1 -11 range.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:18 27 Jan 2013

Jock1e, the OP has mentioned that his ISP is Orange so I don't see how a £50 service for TalkTalk members will help.

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