netgear WGR614v6 cannot connect laptop

  bof:) 22:36 24 Oct 2006

Hi all, trying to setup friends wirelss modem and I've managed to get pc and wireless router working but cannot get friends laptop to connect to wireless router.

Wireless router is a Netgear WGR614v6.

Laptop is a Tosahiba SA80-129

Both using XP Home.

The laptop can find the netgear modem but cannot connect.

On my system only certain MAC address can get onto the router.

I've gone to the router page but cannot find any way of adding the MAC address of the laptop. All I can find is a page that shows current connections....there is not an option to add another.

Does anyone know how I can add this laptop to the router?

Many thanks,


  bof:) 00:04 25 Oct 2006

managed to find where you add pc/laptop to wireless router, put in IP address and physical address of laptop...clicked add and apply but when you check on whats in the list of pc's/laptops connected there is only the original pc showing up as being connected.

so laptop is still unable to connect to wireless router


  bof:) 00:08 25 Oct 2006

ps. IP address used was the same as being shown on friends PC's details in the wireless router connected this correct?


  johnnyrocker 00:24 25 Oct 2006

no, go to start/run ipconfig all for the addy which will as with most isp change each time you log in, does laptop have wireless adapter?


  bof:) 10:08 25 Oct 2006

Hi johnyrocker, it has a wireless card. I did ipconfig/all and got the physical address for the wireless card (not the ethernet card) but there was no IP address shown as far as I could see. I made sure the physical address was for the wireless card.

The laptop belongs to an exchange student who is staying with my friend at the moment.

My friends IP server is NTL. I've been on the NTL website and looked up the default IP address, should I put this into the option to add the laptop to the wireless router along with the laptop, wireless card physical address?

If so, should this be enough to connect to NTL via the Netguard wireless router?


  GEEKSTA 13:11 25 Oct 2006

i have got the same router and a pc card for my laptop. what make is you pc card???
have you tired the basics? go wireless network connecition status and connect to the router in range and wait and see what happens?

  bof:) 13:27 25 Oct 2006

Hi GEEKSTA, the laptop is at my friends house so dont know the make of the pc card is. Do you mean ethernet card or wireless card?

The laptop finds the wireless router but fails to connect to it. When I try the repair option, it says contact person managing wireless router. It does not provide a list as to how far it gets towards connecting.

I'll ring my friend and ask if they can get the make of both cards.


  GEEKSTA 16:12 25 Oct 2006

hi , repaiar wont really do anything. yes i sorry i mean whats the make of the wireless card. its sometimes called pc card, but no probs. ok so are you using the software that came with your wireless card? or are you using windows software to look for wireless devices?

  bof:) 18:02 25 Oct 2006

Hi GEEKSTA, I'm using WindowsXP to look for wireless devices. As I mentioned it finds my friends wireless router but will not connect when you click on connect.

I tried putting in the physical address of the wireless card from the laptop into the Netgear MAC address (I've been told they are the same) but could not find which IP address to put in.


  bof:) 12:16 27 Oct 2006

Hi all, after 1 hour on the phone to Netgear tech support it was decided by them that the router was faulty and to take it back to where it was purchased from and get a new one.

Thankyou everyone for all of your help,


  GEEKSTA 15:22 28 Oct 2006

lol no probs. I had to have my router sent to them and they sent me another one back because it was faulty!

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