netgear WGR614 Router problem

  silliw 09:18 14 Feb 2004

I have a small network of 5 machines and decided to use the Netgear wireless Router to form a structured network.
I followed the instructions to configure the router via my XP pro machine and was able to log on to the router but have been unable to setup my Blueyonder connection through the router and consequently after a number of hours have had to revert back to my modem being connected directly to this host machine.
Annoyingly, setup seems quite simple but at 2.00am this morning I was ready to throw the router out the window. I have ensured that DHCP is used and I have the MC address of both my machine and the router registered with Bluueyonder but neither setting seems to work.
Has anyone else had problems with this router and how did you overcome them.

many thanks

  SafeHaven 10:42 14 Feb 2004

Sounds like you had a long night!!!

Has the router got a built in fire wall?
Have you disabled xp firewall on all pc's?
try all the above and see if it works if it does then you can reconfig the firewalls on each pc.

  [email protected] 10:47 14 Feb 2004

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  silliw 21:54 22 Feb 2004

This will make me look dumb but the web type browser was at fault in not reporting a successful connection. I tried IE and all was fine. Just goes to show dont trust the installation application all the time.

many thanks folks

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