netgear wg311T - pc cant start hardware code 10

  andy625 18:59 01 Oct 2005

I've just bought and tried to instal the above adapter on a pc that has just been reformatted with XP. It has an ordinary network card fitted but no modem.

Ran netgear instal program as instructed, turned off, installed card, restarted, new hardware wizard starts, machine says select best match for hardware. - Lists 3:
D:\driver\windows me\Wg311t13.inf
D:\driver\windows 98\Wg311t13.inf

Selected top one, then it says:

Cannot start hardware – Device cannot start (Code 10)

Tried uninstalling everything, tried installing again - same.

Downloaded new firmware from netgear site - same.

Every time I double click icon on desktop installed from cd, nothing happens at all. If I install the one from netgear and double click that, it says card not connected.

Anybody got any ideas or does it sound like card is duff?

  edwardyoong 09:00 08 Jul 2006

Hello andy625

I also have the Netgear W311T card set-up. However I cannot see the Wireless network when I open it from the flashing network icon. How do you go about setting up to see the wireless network. Also the connection tends to drop off after using for a few minutes. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  andy625 10:07 08 Jul 2006

Edward, I'm not sure how to go about setting one of these cards up as shortly after I bought mine, and realised how awkward it was, I took it back and changed it for a Linksys adapter. Unlike the Netgear, the Linksys is dead easy to set up and always works!

If you look at the support forum on the Netgear website, someone may be able to help you. Alternatively, you may decide to do what I did. Ironically, people on the Netgear forum when I looked last year, were also recommending Linksys!

Good luck, and sorry I can't be of more help.

  ade.h 15:01 08 Jul 2006

"Ran the Netgear install program..."

Why? You absolutely do not need to do that with 99% of hardware, whatever you may have been instructed to do.

This is a PCMCIA Type II PC Card, yes?

1) Clear off that software thoroughly.
2) Uninstall the device from Device Manager.
3) Reboot. Run a cleanup.
4) Insert your driver CD, but cancel it if it starts to run. DO NOT let it run.
5) Insert the PC Card.
6) Wait for the "New Hardware Found" wizard to begin and point it to the CD when prompted to search for a driver.

  ade.h 15:03 08 Jul 2006

By the way; if you're wondering what a Code 10 error is, it refers to insufficient resources to run the device and can occur with PC Cards.

You should be prepared for the possibility that a Code 10 will still occur, in which case that card may never work with that particular laptop unless the specific resources can be freed up (easier said...)

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