NetGear Router - Online Play

  RJKnight 21:32 29 Oct 2003

Router: Netgear DG824M
OS: Windows XP
Games: Microsoft Links 2003 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Problem: online play doesn't work

I recently purchased the above router so that the four PC's in my house can be connected to Broadband. With the purchase of the above games, I fancied trying them online. I used the official Microsoft gaming site, and found that I had to open certain ports to enable gameplay. I enabled all the correct ports and set it up as it should be, checking that all ports were not blocked. I have disabled the XP firewall but am hesitant to disable the built-in NAT firewall. However, some say this is the only way, to leave my PC as a DMZ (de-militarized zone) whereby it is left open to hacking. :S

Obviously, I am hesitant to do the above and was wondering if there is any other way. Feel free to ask questions in the reply about my set-up as I'll be watching this topic with eagle eyes.

Many thanks,

  RJKnight 23:49 29 Oct 2003

Please help me. I'm really desperate to get this working.

  fitshase 03:58 30 Oct 2003

Have you tried phoning Netgear Technical Support? They are very good and should be able to run a couple of ideas past you.



  Sir Radfordin 09:38 30 Oct 2003

Don't know if it's any help but on the U.S. Robotics Broadband Router you can go to 'Special Applications' and then set up MSN Gaming Zone.

It then puts out the following:

Triger: 47624

Incomming Ports: 2300-2400,28800-29000

But since I don't use it don't actually know what it does! Speaking to Netgear Tech Support seems like a good starting point.

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