Netgear Router Question

  J B 12:07 27 May 2007

I have a Netgear DG834PN wireless router and was wondering if the router should be left powered up 24/7 even when the computer is shutdown and not in use? If this is true wouldn't it shorten the life of the router, or something worse. J.B.

  driving man 12:18 27 May 2007

My Netgear is left on all the time--- but it has nothing by it so I leave it on all the time
(except long absences away from home)
It gets very very faintly warm-- def. not hot though

  postie24 12:20 27 May 2007

I use a BTvoyager wireless router,i turn it off every night,no problems with connection the next day.
Cant see the point of leaving it on all night,unless you suffer from insomnia :))

  rodriguez 12:22 27 May 2007

I switch mine off every night as well. By the time the computer's started up, it's already connected as it only takes a few seconds to connect to broadband.

  Gongoozler 12:31 27 May 2007

Other than the waste of energy there's nothing wrong with leaving the router on 24/7 as long as you have used the strongest security encryption available.

  J B 13:51 27 May 2007

Thank you all for the information. The reason that I asked was that I was told that routers were designed to be left on all the time. The problem that I was experiencing was that the router wasn't finding a network so I had to reboot the computer (Laptop) for it to work properly. I think that if it continues to happen I will call customer support and start all over, this time with windows own wizard, unless someone has a better idea. J.B.

  Gongoozler 14:18 27 May 2007

This problem has arisen quite recently and I'm not sure that it was resolved. My Netgear DG834G has the following settings for Basic:

Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login? - Yes
Encapsulation - PPPoA
Login and Password as normal for my ISP
Idle timeout - 0
Internet IP Address - Get Dynamically From ISP
NAT (Network Address Translation) - Enable

I hope this helps

  anchor 14:26 27 May 2007

Like driving man, my Netgear 834 is left on all the time, except when I go on a longish holiday. It gets very slightly warm; I keep plenty of space all around it.

  J B 14:28 27 May 2007

Just checked mine and it exactky the same as yours. If it keeps up I will call Netgear and have them sort it out. Thanks for the settings check. J.B.

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