NETGEAR router problem

  Dowsett 23:29 15 Jun 2006

I have a NETGEAR WGT624 wireless router. the problem im having is that i have 3 computer i wish to connect to it. one being mine,one upstairs and a laptop. the laptop is wireless, the other two are wired. i got to the point where i could connect all 3 computers, everyone could see each other on the network etc, but only my computer could access the internet, i looked throu the router page and couldnt get the shared internet to work. did anyone else have this problem? if you need more details about the computers/network please comment.

thanks for any replys.

  mgmcc 09:03 16 Jun 2006

The Netgear WGT624 is a "Cable/DSL" router suitable for use with the NTL or Telewest Cable broadband services - is this what you are using?

The router's WAN port should be connected by ethernet cable to the Cable Modem's ethernet port and the PCs connected to its LAN ports, or connected "wirelessly".

What you say suggests that your computer is still connected directly to a modem, and getting internet access, with the "router" operating as a basic Network Switch and/or Wireless Access Point to connect the computers in the LAN. This won't let the other computers have internet access.

The router should connect to the modem, and thus the ISP, and there should be no *direct* connection between a PC and the modem. All PCs get their internet access over the LAN from the router.

  Dowsett 09:15 16 Jun 2006

yes, my ISP is NTL,i have the two desktop PCs connecting via the RJ-45 connecter, the broadband is connected through the router in the right port and the wireless is connected. All lights are showing that i am connected. maybe this has something to do with my computer being the host? i heard that i have to add the other 2 computers in the router login page? but im not sure what im doing, i have only setup a network via a hub with network setup wizard. all PCs are running winxp,all have SP2 installed. if any more info is needed plz comment.

  Minkey1 11:50 16 Jun 2006

RJ-45 is a telecom type connector ? If your ISP is NTL, do they provide your service via cable or your telephone line ?
If it's cable, your router should connect to your NTL modem via ethernet cable. All PC's should then connect to the router either via ethernet cable or wirelessly via built in or add on adapters.
Your router is then the "host", and shares the internet connection (and any files/folders/printers you set to share) with the connected PC's. If a shared printer is connected to 1 PC, that machine would have to be on to accept prints from the others - and the same with shared folders.
If your NTL service is via your phone line, post back.

  Dowsett 12:31 16 Jun 2006

my NTL connection is downstairs via the TV box, my computer is upstairs, when i had it installed i got the engineers to route it through the house and upstairs... there are three types of connections for NTL, RJ-45 high speed internet,USB or modem. I connect through a network card, so i have 2 network cards in my PC. one for the internet and the other for network.
Also i understand the thing about sharing on networks etc. i just cant get the internet to work through the router, everything else is fine.

  mgmcc 12:55 16 Jun 2006

<<< I connect through a network card, so i have 2 network cards in my PC. one for the internet and the other for network >>>

I suspect that is at the root of your problems. Each computer should connect directly to the router and that way it has both internet access and Local Area Network connectivity. The second adapter in your PC shouldn't be connected to the network at all.

  Dowsett 13:30 16 Jun 2006

i just need to know if there are any settings on the router for the internet. i have everything else working and my other network card is disabled.

  mgmcc 19:14 16 Jun 2006

I don't have a Netgear router, but for a Cable connection you just set it for a basic network connection, which may be described as "Direct", "DHCP" or similar. You "*DON'T* set it to connect with PPPoE as there is no Point to Point Protocol involved in establishing the connection.

Power everything off, including the Cable Modem (Set-top box), which should be left without power for a couple of minutes. This is important so that it "releases" the association between your existing hardware and the IP address that it has allocated to it. It will then detect a new connection and allocate a new IP address to it. With the router's WAN port connected to the modem's ethernet port and a PC connected to one of the router's LAN ports, power on the modem and wait for it to be fully booted. Then power on the router and wait for it to be up and running, then finally boot the PC. You should then have internet access for any computers connected to the router.

The router can, of course, be upstairs with its WAN port connected to the cable you had installed and running down to the Set-top Box.

  Dowsett 08:21 19 Jun 2006

ok thanks, thats helped me abit, ill give that a try.

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