Netgear Router Has it got WPS ?

  iscanut 16:35 04 Dec 2014

I have an aged Netgear Router DG834G. Does anyone know if it supports WPS protocol or if not, how I can find out. I have looked at the setting and cannot see WPS mentioned. It is secured with a WEP key.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:58 04 Dec 2014

That's quite an old model that doesn't support WPS.

By the way, WEP wireless security is massively insecure and can be hacked within minutes so use WPA instead if your devices support it.

  iscanut 17:00 04 Dec 2014

Thanks SS. Iwill be getting a new router soon, and am aware that WEP is outdated. Just need to get my smart TV set up for now.

  Batch 17:48 04 Dec 2014

If it has only got WEP (and not even WPA) encryption I'm pretty certain it won't have WPS.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:55 04 Dec 2014

The Netgear DG834G does support WPA.

  iscanut 22:31 04 Dec 2014

It certainly does suport WPA.

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