Netgear router / freesat

  stafs-knot 14:41 11 Mar 2010

I've got a problem trying to get the BBC iplayer to work on my new Sony Bravia TV, I,ve been in touch with Sony and they have suggested that its my connection or router that is the problem, (although on the tv screen it does state "connection successful").
my question is, if thats the case how come the same connection / router works my Sony playstation on which i can receive the BBC iplayer? My down load speed is 4mb, and my provider is virginmedia.

  rizlo29 15:05 11 Mar 2010

Did you set up the network for your PlayStation etc?

  stafs-knot 15:08 11 Mar 2010

I think it found it self! I just plugged in the Netgear router switched on and its worked fine ever since.

  SJM_81 15:35 11 Mar 2010

What have you got a laptop connected to the TV?

  stafs-knot 15:44 11 Mar 2010

I've got my pc connected, I can connect to the TV and if I go into the network settings it states "connection successful" the prblem is trying to get the iplayer on, I've got the lastest version of firmware on the TV, but I can't understand why Sony state its the connection / router when its working fine on the playstation? I've also been in contact with Freesat and they can't help but they are looking into the matter.

  SJM_81 15:57 11 Mar 2010

So you created a network bridge? And configured it all correctlY? I don't think you can plug in and that's it. It might say connected but you have to set up a bridge. And not sure if Internet connection needs to be enabled too.

I'm no expert just have limited knowledge on networking. I think you need to enable ics Internet connection sharing.

  SJM_81 16:00 11 Mar 2010

To enable "Internet Connection Sharing", open the Network Connections folder (Start> Run, type NCPA.CPL and click OK> Right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties and then the Advanced tab or Sharing tab [Vista]. Tick the box "Allow other network users to connect through through this computer's internet connection.

  staffs-knot 16:02 11 Mar 2010

Yeah, I've very limited knomledge also, internet connection is required by ethernet cable or wireless (which I've got). It looks like I might need to look into Netgear settings to see If I can do something manually? but I'm getting out of my depth here.

  SJM_81 16:13 11 Mar 2010

You need to enable ics so that the laptop can send the information through the Ethernet cable. If you don enable it will connect as it finds the device, but there wont be any Internet connection.

  staffs-knot 16:33 11 Mar 2010

I'm getting out of my depth now, thanks for all in help but I think I need to call somebody in.

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