netgear router DG834G connection to talktalk

  dazzlerdrake 13:43 27 Jul 2006

I have a netgear DG834G which worked fine to Demon. I have now got Talktalk which works with their own ADSL modem to just one of my PCs (I am using it now). When I try and connect the Netgear in place of their modem I cannot get even the ADSL part to work ie I have no basic connection.

Talktalk say that the ADSL setting must confirm with auto/ as well as ppOA. The Netgear configuration includes as an option ppoA but does not mention "auto...".

I have talked to Netgear help desk and they are supposed to be getting back to me!!!

Does anyone else have problems with Netgear and Talktalk

  ade.h 14:18 27 Jul 2006

Talk Talk must aslo be capable of working with ANY ADSL modem or modem/router, simply entering your settings (the default UK ADSL settings plus those that are unique to your ISP and account) into the router's configuration UI via the usual method (entering the router's base IP address into the browser - for Netgears)

  bigtool 21:45 31 Jul 2006

I am having a similar problem as dazzlerdrake my dg834gt will not chap authenticate with TalkTalk despite the router recognising the service.
Netgear tech support and TalkTalk are useless. I have tried to insert primary and secondary dns settings suggested by TalkTalk into the router but this does not work. I recently saw a suggestion on the web which said to insert these settings on the router and
PC TCP properties or just on the PC TCP proprtues changing the auto DNS settings. I am yet to try this and live in hope.

  omer786 14:22 08 Aug 2006

have u any idea how to connect to talk talk using the netgear DG834G... please post exactly how to connect step by step when you find out how... thank you

  Gaz 25 01:44 09 Aug 2006

I have had it work on a netgear...

Firstly, if you can - upgrade the firmware, and reboot.

Enter PPoA and user login details.... ensure the following details are correct...

The VPI is 0 and VCI is 38

ADSL Modulation is set to Auto, if this fails, then try G.DMT or ANSI.

Auth will be CHAP.

  Gaz 25 01:45 09 Aug 2006

I would also suggest rebooting the router after saving that configuration.

Ensure the connect automaticially is set, and the timeout is set to 0.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:00 20 Dec 2006

what was the ocome of yours ? I can actually make the connection but viewing of web pages since next day after a Netgear DG834GT with Talk Talk is not possible.

Would be interested to hear what you have done to date please.

  ajm 23:29 20 Dec 2006

Seem to me that the DNS settings are not set up correctly, epscially if you have manually set up DNS IP addresses

  sammy.nowak 20:35 28 Nov 2007

hi there, i have Netgear DG834G router from previouse provider which was SKY Broadband, and the router have their settings.
now i changed provider for talk talk and i would like to used the old router which is that netgear, but it does not work.

what do i need to do co connect this router??
i need some talktalk settings, where i can get them??

thanks for your help

  irishrapter 18:45 29 Nov 2007

Log on to the router and under "Advanced / WAN Setup" change your "MTU Size" to 1500 or 1400 and see if that helps.

  sammy.nowak 19:21 02 Dec 2007

>>>>Log on to the router and under "Advanced / WAN Setup" change your "MTU Size" to 1500 or 1400 and see if that helps.<<<<

does not work.........i have already 1500,anyway i changed for 1400 and again 1500 but anyway does not work.
what else I can do??
how to setup the router to make it only as a netgear.....not connected with sky anymore??
I am still using the cheap rubbish router on a cable provided by talktalk.........i need help quickly to get rid of it

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