Netgear n150 Wireless Router

  David11108 16:37 04 Feb 2012

Hi there. The above router is not playing ball and was just hoping someone could help out. I am with orange as a new customer and there router will not allow me to use VOIP. On asking orange then say they do not support it but how come it comes though the cable then. I am using the phone line to get into the internet and I can still use a Sagem to connect onto orange though dail up 0. So I take the new Netgear N150 out of the box, put the yellow lead into the first black plug, the internet cable into the yellow box and pluged the Router into the power supply. OK then the computer is still on and I turn the router on.., I then put the disc into the computer and I started the program. I then get to it connecting and that just gos on for 10 mins. But if I do the same on the Sagem which was what my old ISP give me then it would see a connected and I could load the software. But once I reconect the new Netgear Router I can not get into the internet. So what I am trying to do is use VOIP on the new Netgear n150 Wireless Router with orange coming though all the time. Any ideas are welcome. David.

  difarn 17:55 04 Feb 2012

The Netgear n150 Wireless router does not support SIP - this does not mean that the traffic is not allowed it means the router is not capable of providing the handling the protocol requires to work properly. This is why you may get it"through the cable" but it is unstable.

I wonder if you could try connecting your old router to the Netgear via ethernet to see if it would work/

  David11108 19:26 04 Feb 2012

Are there any modems that would work with my Router or any Routers that would work with VOIP. I was thinking of using tthe Free Radio Network server, and skype.

Any ideas. David.

  difarn 22:26 04 Feb 2012

Have a look at this - think it may be a better solution.

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