MeandHer 07:05 24 Oct 2008

I am thinking of buying a netgear adsl firewall/router of E.Bay.
I know you can get the netgear v1,v2,v3 and v4.
And it usually tells you on the base.
The one I am looking at says NETGEAR DG834G-3ALUKS
Is that a V3 or is it something completely different?

  Kevscar1 07:23 24 Oct 2008

Why is it so many people come on hear and are to lazy to use their search engine.

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  FatboySlim71 08:04 24 Oct 2008

That's a bit harsh Kevscar, MeandHer are maybe new on here and anyway they probably just wanted people to confirm it was that model.


If you follow my link and look down the page you will see PRODUCT DETAILS, in this section you will see ITEM MODEL NUMBER, this shows DG834G-3ALUKS, it also shows at the top of the page Netgear DG834G ( v.3 ). So it would appear to be the V3.

If your budget will stretch a bit further I can highly recommend the Netgear DG834GT, this has a better chipset in it and is more configurable to get the most out of your line.

I previously owned the Netgear that you are inquiring about, but I purchased the Netgear DG834GT has a replacement and IMO it is a far better modem/router.

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  MeandHer 08:53 24 Oct 2008

Sounds like you got out the wrong side of bed.
We are not all whiz kids on the pc's.
I did do a search but could not find what i wanted.
I can't even find it on your Click Here and when I enter NETGEAR DG834G-3ALUKS in the search engine on that site it says no results for NETGEAR DG834G-3ALUKS.

Thank you for your help,
Can I just say that I'm not looking to go wireless.
Just want the plain old netgear adsl modem type firewall/router.

  chub_tor 09:27 24 Oct 2008

Just looked at the bottom of my Netgear wired router and all it says is DG834 v2 no mention of your suffix but as FatboySlim71 says it is probably v3 UK. Had mine over 3 years now and it has never missed a beat, done all the firmware upgrades too. It's a solid piece of kit.

  FatboySlim71 10:20 24 Oct 2008

"I'm not looking to go wireless.
Just want the plain old netgear adsl modem type firewall/router."

The NETGEAR DG834G-3ALUKS that you mention is wireless.

There seems to be a wider range of wireless Netgear modem/routers than the non wired type.

Even though the modem/routers are wireless you can still use a wire with them if you so wish, i.e. Ethernet cable. This is what I have done with my Netgear DG834GT for the last couple of years, I have only started to use the wireless part of it since my girlfriend got a laptop, now I have an Ethernet cable connect from the DG834GT and into my desktop PC and my girlfriend's laptop connects wirelessly to the DG834GT.

Its easy enough to enable or disable the wireless function on the router. Its just with the DG834GT you can download custom firmware which gives you extra functions and more control over you routers settings, you basically have more control to get the most out of your broadband connection. Its a fabulous bit of kit is the DG834GT.

  MeandHer 10:30 24 Oct 2008

Thanks for helping a pc idiot.
So what you are saying is if I can find a bargain
on Ebay for a Netgear wireless modem,
I can have the choice of wireless or not as long as it has a Ethernet cable.

  FatboySlim71 14:17 24 Oct 2008

"So what you are saying is if I can find a bargain
on Ebay for a Netgear wireless modem,
I can have the choice of wireless or not as long as it has a Ethernet cable."

Yes that is correct. With a wireless modem/router you have the option to be wireless or use an Ethernet cable, this plugs into one of the ports that are usually on the back of the modem/router.

I must admit to thinking the same thing as you when I was first purchasing my first wireless modem/router several years ago.

If the modem/router you are buying is new then it should come supplied with an Ethernet cable otherwise you can buy these for a few pounds depending on the length you require, click the below link.

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  MeandHer 23:05 26 Oct 2008

Thank you for all your help.
Have taken your advice and purchased a DG834GT
off E.Bay.
Just hope it's easy enough to set up when I get it.

  FatboySlim71 23:37 26 Oct 2008

Glad I could be of help MeandHer :-)

Has I mentioned earlier, you can if you so wish download custom firmware for the DG834GT which gives you extra functions (that Netgear's own firmware doesn't have) and also this custom firmware gives you more control over you routers settings.

The firmware in the below link (DG Team firmware)is a highly respected and well liked firmware. Its easy enough to install this custom firmware, you just follow the instructions on how to update the routers software (firmware) in the instruction manual or on Netgear's website.

The custom firmware can be downloaded from the below link.
click here

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