Netgear Dual Band router Lag problems,!

  Bacardi_Girl 20:59 25 Jun 2011

I have recently purchased a netgear N300 Dual Band router. I am getting some problems with it! I replaced my bog standard belkin 54g router (which never dropped out, never lagged), you just plugged it in, stuck your isp settings in and away you went. Not the same story with this netgear, it promises to give you a better connection in game, but since installing it, all games lag, my laptop is slow browsing, it is getting to the point where we cannot game at all and I am giving up waiting for websites to load! My xbox is connected with ethernet my laptop is wireless, but both lag. Anyone have any ideas? Is it to do with the router settings? I am running windows 7 on the laptop, windows xp on another desktop pc, 2 xboxes, one wired one wireless and a wii wireless. All lag!

  osc123 11:45 03 Jul 2011

I am having the same problems - gave up my little old philips for this useless piece of junk - had the engineer twice and tomorrow will be the last time. Will let you know the outcome. Frustrated and angry - this is not a cheap piece of kit!!!!

  Bacardi_Girl 16:27 03 Jul 2011

I got onto my ISP Saturday after my 30th connection drop out within two hours, and it looks like this router and any too modern router is not compatible with my talk talk broadband, it could be you are experiencing the same problem. So I have decided to change my ISP, to one which supports modern technology!!!! I may even return this router, get my £110 back and switch to fiber optic broadband, no drop outs and no lag!!

  osc123 19:13 03 Jul 2011

Thats interesting I am also on Talk Talk - so why should their service nto be able to support this router?? Will need to talk to my engineer and also to Talk Talk to see what they are going to do about the problem.I should not need to change providers??

  osc123 14:02 05 Jul 2011

Engineer spent two hours trying to make the Netgear work on my computer and after several attempts today it turns out that the Netgear is not compatible with Talk Talk and that has been verifed today when I made contact with an engineer who said'Only D LINK' are comaptible with Talk Talk , and they offered to send me one out free of charge. How do you like that - a provider dictating to their customers which router they can have. I said I wanted one with 'guest' facility and the young man did not know what I was talking about!!! I will be looking to change my provider fairly quickly now.

  DrathTater 23:05 08 Jul 2011

i don't have a talk talk, i have a toshiba Satellite L455 with windows 7 downloaded...i don't know what the talk talk is, but my labtop works at my house with a linksys, but im visiting my grandmother for about 2 weeks and she has netgear. My computer LAGS EVERYTHING games, including maplestory, league of legends, even battleon loads slow, I noticed my browsers and every website i go to frequently load SLOWLY...

Any suggestions for me?? you might have solved the original guys problem by it not being compatable, but mines different i think, help!

  zzt 22:20 23 Jul 2011


I am with Talktalk, best part of two years and all that time I have been using a Netgear DGN2000 modem/router. Connected to the router are, two pc, one laptop,one netbook, and two Xboxes. Not all accessing the net at the same time. I have not had a problem with lag.

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