Netgear DG834v4 installation

  acharne1 13:23 05 Jan 2009

I've recently bought this wired modem/router. However, I can't complete installation with smart wizard as the internet light doesn't come on as it should at initial set-up. I've tried the troubleshooting tips with no success and am wondering whether I have a problem with my pc or a faulty unit.

Has anyone had any similar problems?

  retep888 14:38 05 Jan 2009

Is this modem/router new?

Can you reset the modem/router by pressing a hole at the back of the router using a pin for 10-20 seconds?

  acharne1 15:59 05 Jan 2009

Yes it is new and I'll give resetting a go.


  sinbads 16:04 05 Jan 2009

Trouble shooting click here

  woodchip 16:08 05 Jan 2009

Try it in the main BT socket

  iscanut 16:10 05 Jan 2009

Maybe a silly question but have you connected to phone line with a filter and is the router connected to the pc by ethernet cable ? Forgive me if asking the obvious, but it has been known.....

  baldydave 16:12 05 Jan 2009

XP or vista?
Have you fitted filters on everything that plugs into phone sockets, eg sky box,second phone,if you dont have enough filters unplug these items just to check you can connect to broadband.
If new broadband,is line enabled yet?
You should be able to login to the router without the wizard:connect router to pc with ethernet cable /in xp go control panel/network connections and make sure you have local area connection and it is enabled/open your browser iexplorer or firefox and in the TOP search bar type click here or what it says on the back of you router,it will also list admin and password passwords.Once inside set your connection address eg [email protected] and your password also wireless settings can be made.
Firstly get router lights all constant not flashing as broadband is not connected until this is sorted,normally due to faulty/missing filters.

  woodchip 16:14 05 Jan 2009

Filter will not stop the Router Working or Lights coming on. Filters are for the Phone so it does not get interference From router

  howard64 17:27 05 Jan 2009

woodchip sorry to disagree with you but if a filter is not used on all sockets with equipment in various problems occur such as the router being disconnected if it is in use and another piece of phone equipment comes on such as a phone call. It should not stop the router connecting though.

  baldydave 17:39 05 Jan 2009

Sorry for any confusion,the router will turn on with or without filters and indeed you can access all the settings on the router,but if you have not installed filters or have a faulty filter you may not get a solid light for broadband,it will drop out and start the broadband enabled light on the router flashing-no constant connection,and as said above the phone ringing/sky services will affect broadband if filters not working correctly,
Hope this helps.

  woodchip 14:27 06 Jan 2009

Then you need a New Router as my 3Com will work direct of the BT line without Filters. I only use a Filter for any Phone line connected to it

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