netgear dg834gt problem

  dale669 22:50 17 Nov 2005

i hope some one can help ,i have just got a netgear router that i have connected to my desktop pc and i also have a wireless laptop , i can connect to the internet ok on desktop and laptop ,but when i tryed to network them thats where the problems started i can see my laptop from my desktop but not my desktop from my laptop
i have turned off all the firewalls but i keep getting this ( YOU MAY NOT HAVE PERMISSON TO USE THE NETWORK RESOURCE .CONTACT THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE SERVER TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE ACCESS PERMISSIONS .NOT ENOUGH SERVER STORAGE IS AVAILABLE TO PROCESSTHIS COMMAND ) i have selected the file sharing on the drives i want to share .i have xp pro on my desktop and xp home on my laptop
i hope someone can help

  Taff™ 07:19 18 Nov 2005

Fist of all turn off both firewalls and reboot each computer. Disable any firewall within the router. On either machine run the Network setup wizard from control panel. Then make sure that there is at least one document in each computers "shared folder". This should get the basics running but post back with any problems.

Make sure that the XP Pro machine is set to simple file sharing. Whereas the Home machine will be I believe this is not the case by default with the Pro machine. click here

If all works we need to turn on each firewall individually and fix any issues as we go along.

  dale669 15:56 19 Nov 2005

no its still the same

  mgmcc 17:16 19 Nov 2005

Don't know if this Microsoft page relating to the error, when particular AntiVirus programs are installed, is relevant? The suggested solution does involve editing the registry and, if you are comfortable doing that, it might be worth making the change regardless of the AntiVirus implication.

h t t p : / /;en-us;177078

  dale669 19:20 19 Nov 2005

tryed editing the registry but that didnt work, but thanks

  dale669 21:44 20 Nov 2005

cheers taff i tryed it again and it worked

  Taff™ 22:57 20 Nov 2005

Now you need to turn the firewalls back on one at a time and put each computer back in the "trusted zones as you go. (mgmcc - where are you? I need one of your standard scripts!)

  mgmcc 07:34 21 Nov 2005

(mgmcc - where are you? I need one of your standard scripts!)

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