MeandHer 17:14 07 Nov 2008

Can anyone help a not very clever pc minded old un out ?
I'm on windows xp sp3 and on broadband with AOL.(which may not help)
I'm updating a bit and getting rid of BT VOYAGER 105 Modem to a Netgear DG834GT.
I got it off E.Bay this is what it said,

( Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Firewall Router with 4-port 10/100 switch
This item is originally SKY but I have installed new firmware, it is now like a normal Netgear unit, so this will work with any Internet Provider.
All passwords are set back to default which are in the manual )

But I can't get it to connect, nothing comes up telling me what to do. Should there be some sought of wizard what you enter passwords etc in ?
All cables have been put in ok.
All the green lights are lit up as they should be.
But I cannot connect to Aol,IE or Firefox with it.
Have installed the AOL NETGEAR DOWNLOAD to install it as well.
But I need a network ID and password.
Rang and used live help to AOL but they both say the service what gives you your ID is down for a while. (yeah)
Do I need this from Aol, as I understood with this router I could just go straight on IE or Firefox without having to open any Aol software.
Sorry for the long winded post but any help will be appreciated.

  LastChip 17:32 07 Nov 2008

Open up your browser and in the address bar type this - exactly as written:

That should bring up a log on screen. Now fill in the default user name and password, which I think from memory is:



and click enter.

You should now be in the router pages.

See if you can get that far and tell us how you get on.

  jackamo321 17:43 07 Nov 2008

The user name might also be:

Admin (not sure whether it is with a capital or not)

Well I think if this has had the firm ware updated to standard netgear then the address to put in the browser is
Username: admin
Password: password

Then I think the next problem is that AOl have changed there servers so tne logon user name isn't ******
It is now your phone number including std code followed by

The next problem is I can't remember if you need password I don't think you do.

I hope this helps had all sorts of problems getting my mothers to reconnect after they changed it all.


  shellship 18:40 07 Nov 2008

My sister had exactly the same problem, or so it sounds. After her son-in-law had spent ages and ages on the phone to AOL and failed, understandably, to keep his temper, they sent a new modem - can't remember what type - with new disc and software. All OK now but it took a couple of weks to sort out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 07 Nov 2008
  MeandHer 20:04 07 Nov 2008

Like I say I can't connect to the internet with netgear to put anything in the browser.

  LastChip 20:11 07 Nov 2008

The connection, is the network cable from your computer to the router.

You are simply accessing the routers "built in pages" to enable you to set it up.

Just physically connect your computer to the router, make sure it is powered on and then type in the address I gave you into the address bar of your browser.

Then fill in the user name and password - it is by the way;



and click enter.

  LastChip 20:14 07 Nov 2008

For clarification, hit enter after you type in the routers address:

You will then get the little window asking for your user name and password.

If I remember correctly the download from AOL for the netgear does not work with the new server settings.
I think you need to go into control panel then internet options, check the connections tab and make sure it is set to never dial.
Then you should be able to launch internet explorer and put in the address bar which should try to access the configuration pages on the router and it should ask for user name and password.

If it doesn't what does happen?

  rdave13 20:31 07 Nov 2008

Connect back to AOL via the Voyager modem and create a new screen name (full privelages with +18) and password. This will be used by the Netgear router to connect to AOL. Disconnect Voyager and connect Netgear via ethernet connection. Open Interner Explorer and type in the address bar. You should now be taken to a window asking for name and password. Type admin for name and password for password. You should now be connected to the router to put in your AOL screen name and password so the router connects.

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