Netgear DG834GT connection problems

  daz03 09:35 07 Feb 2006

I bought a Netgear DG834GT wireless ADSL router at the weekend. I also got a WG111T USB 2.0 adapter.

I set it up initially through an ethernet connection and then set up the wireless connection. The wireless connection established and I was able to access the internet initially.

However, everytime I use it I lose the internet connection after a short period. When I look at the console for the wireless connection it shows that it is still connected and has an excellent signal.

I tried a wired connection again to get back on the internet and that works - but that also seems to lose internet connection after a while.

Would be grateful for any help as this is really getting on my nerves. Not sure what other info is required but let me know.


  keewaa 09:55 07 Feb 2006

AS it is happening by wired ethernet as well you can rule out a wireless problem being the cause.

What ISP? Is it AOL?

Try changing the MTU in the router to 1450 or 1400 (I think it's under WAN settings)

Do you have a microfilter on EVERYTHING all phones, faxes, answer machines, sky, is there an alarm linked to the phone?

Have you upgraded the router firmware?

  daz03 10:02 07 Feb 2006

Thanks. I am with Wanadoo. I have one phone line with the micrtofilter attached. Into that I have phone, sky and router. No alarm fitted to phone.

  keewaa 10:36 07 Feb 2006

Any device connected without a microfilter can interfere with the broadband signal, so as long as you have a microfilter for every telephone & sky and one for the router as well. You could have one filter with router attached to adsl and then from the telephone side of the filter come all other devices, as long as they all pass through a filter somewhere.

  keewaa 10:40 07 Feb 2006

It sounds like it is a weakness in the adsl signal, you might find this interesting about connecting directly to the BT mastersocket to test if it is a deterioration within your property. click here

  awest3 19:29 14 Feb 2006

I had the same problem....disconnecing sky phone solved it.

  daz03 17:43 15 Feb 2006

thanks for all your help. What I found worked in the end was taking it back to the shop and getting a Belkin one that works fine.

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