Netgear DG834G v3 intermittent connection problems

  chaotic descent 16:54 16 Oct 2014

My Netgear DG834G v3 has been very well-behaved for the two years I have been using it. However, for a few days last week, it took a very long time before it connected to the Internet. I tried pulling out all the cables at the back, leaving them a while and then plugging back in (to clear static build-up, as once suggested by an AOL person). The normal lights are on - power, internet, wireless and port number 1 (where the yellow cable is plugged in). My computer is hardwired - I am not using the wireless facility at present, not being in possession of any wireless devices. Normal speed of connection resumed a couple of days ago. In case there is a repeat of the problem, can anyone suggest a possible reason? Could it be an external problem - perhaps the BT line) (Although I am having no issues with my landline phone).

  john bunyan 17:40 16 Oct 2014

I had a similar problem last week with my Netgear DGND 4000 router - Talk Talk as ISP. My speed fell to about 3mbps from about 7, with frequent drop outs. Talk Talk claimed they tested the line the problem was my house wiring and tried the usual suggestion of plugging into test socket etc; they said they would send an engineer that they would pay for if their fault but I would pay £50 if mine. They claimed the phone line was fine - and I had no phone problems. This has happened twice before with them. I phoned PC World to see if they had a new router in stock; a nice lady in Hull said quite a few customers had bought new routers only to find the problem lay with Talk Talk!! I did not , luckily, buy a new one.

I escalated the issue to a supervisor and insisted he "re set" my exchange connection. Lo and behold, the speed instantly went up to 7.5mbps (My contract is 8) and I have had only one drop out since. I would insist that your ISP double checks the exchange connection, as Netgear are good routers - better than mos that the ISP's supply.

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