Netgear DG834G - need to assign LAN settings

  Stressed Mum 18:54 18 Nov 2008

Oh dear! Hope someone has the patience to help me. We have a DG834G. All I know about it is that we could not set up wirelessly so we ended up hard wiring. The router has 4 plug in points on it. 3 are being used - all for desktops. Now; we keep getting IP conflicts, and the connection failing. We also have a XBOX live working wirelessly - although how my son managed to set up the settings on that I do not know!! I think this clashes with another ip address?? So, what I would like to do is completely reassign everything to make sure we are all set up properly but I have absolutely NO idea how to do this. also, we have just introduced a wireless plam handheld and there will be a wireless laptop too soon. Can all this work ok on this router?? Please help if you can. I do have the CD disc that came with router. I just do not know where to start!! If I could find a way to stop loosing connection that would be great and also my son in the middle of a live game would appreciate your help too!! BT internet.
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  mgmcc 20:16 18 Nov 2008

To avoid conflicts, you can give all of the computers in your network fixed IP addresses and there are instructions on how to do that in my posting click here (your router's IP address will be I don't know anything about an Xbox, but you son seems to have got that one figured!

The router will be able to handle all of the wireless connections that you need, but its 54Mbps bandwidth will be shared by the wireless devices - the more you connect, potentially the slower they will become.

  Stressed Mum 20:37 18 Nov 2008

Brilliant - that sounds good - I shall give it a go. When you say you don't know about Xbox - it is using a wireless connection and I think my son must have used manual settings rather than auto settings. No sure - but if auto settings does he have to specify a particular address?? So confused - maybe when i've set the pc's up I'll get a better picure. All 3 pc's appear to have difference local area connection numbers?? Should I go to each pc individually or can it all be done from one?

  Stressed Mum 15:23 20 Nov 2008

Hi. Taken me ages to try and get this sorted. Ihave now set up static addresses for each desktop pc. also, the xbox wants to use auto as if you assign an address it says that the NAT connection is poor?? Laptop wireless connects and finds a different ex. no as does the Palm. Now; I have another problem. Should I be adding security to this router. Using it both wired and wireless, but when connecting wireless it quite clearly says there is no protection when searching for available networks. Other comes up but they are protected! This could be available then to my neighbours?? Don't want anything complicated.. we still want to sign into the internet without having to add codes etc. Any suggestions please?? Thank you

  mgmcc 16:17 20 Nov 2008

There isn't a problem mixing fixed (static) and automatic (dynamic) IP addresses, but a router normally has what's called a "DHCP pool". This is a range of addresses from which it allocates to those devices getting their addresses automatically by DHCP. Therefore, you should use static addresses which are outside this range to avoid possible conflicts.

For example, if the router's DHCP pool is to then it will use addresses in this range for devices getting their addresses automatically. You would then use addresses outside this range for the static addresses. The full "Subnet" from which you must use addresses is to

You should enable WEP or WPA encryption in your router's wireless settings (preferably WPA which is the more secure), to avoid connections by "unwanted guests". There should be instructions in the router's manual for setting this up.

  Stressed Mum 16:30 20 Nov 2008

ok - getting to understand it a little more now (I think) Have set the desktops to ex. 30-32. the xbox likes to take ex.2, laptop 3, palm 4. So if they stick to that we should be ok?? I have set WEP - something has to be better than nothing - WPA is going to be more difficult for the xbox apparently - particularly for very sensitive games. :~(. Should I be changing anything else now? What about the authentication type, or adding more than one key??

  mgmcc 19:44 20 Nov 2008

I seem to recall that the Xbox doesn't support WPA, so you will have to stick with WEP. There shouldn't be anything else you need to change and I've never set up more than one key when using WEP.

  Stressed Mum 21:53 20 Nov 2008

mgmcc - thanks for that advice. I think I'll leave it all alone now. So far so good - no conflicts. Connection still dropping though!!

  mgmcc 22:09 20 Nov 2008

>>> Connection still dropping though!! <<<

You could try changing the Channel number that the router broadcasts its radio signal on. Open the router's configuration pages by typing its IP address ( into your web browser. You'll be prompted for the Username & Password, which should be on a label on the underside of the router. Within the wireless settings you will see the Channel number. The default number is usually "6" or "11" so try one of these, or the other of these if already on one of them.

Also make sure there are no mobile or cordless phones close to either the Router or the Wireless Network Adapter (Xbox?).

  Stressed Mum 08:47 21 Nov 2008

ok - I'll try that - however, the mobile phone and cordless phone is probably got something to do with it. Got them everywhere too!

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