Netgear DG834G ADSL modem/router - any good?

  pipedream 22:43 05 Dec 2004

I'm thinking of buying one of these - most people seem happy with them but there are a few negative comments out there - what do people here think? I sent the equivalent Belkin one back as it kept dropping the ADSL line (something my Speedtouch modem has never done once in over 2 years - everyone seems to hate them but I think it's great!).

Any comments appreciated.

  roy 23:09 05 Dec 2004

Well, all I can say is that I have one and I am very happy with it. Had no trouble with dropping connection myself but know someone who has had it happen a few times.

  Kate B 17:51 06 Dec 2004

Great for me, too: hasn't yet dropped the connection, picked up happily where it left off when it was turned off and unplugged for two weeks, too. Go for it.

  pipedream 20:13 06 Dec 2004

Thanks roy & Kate B - sounds good. Will see if there are any more comments then go and get one!

  dez fowler 20:27 06 Dec 2004

Netgear are great, i have a router with an SPI firewall and an ADSL modem. Both are built well and function flawlessly. An SPI firewall is well worth forking out for, especially as internet worms are rife these days.

  Jeffers22 20:40 06 Dec 2004

I have a netgear modem and a separate netgear router/wireless access point and netgear wireless PCMICIA card for laptop. Great kit. As said above, well made, works well AND looks good!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 21:01 06 Dec 2004

Works well for me, went for this model in preference to other makes because of the good reports on this forum. Good luck with it. :)

  easyrider 21:20 06 Dec 2004

Can not comment on the DG834g but I`ve had a DG824m for over a year now and it has never dropped connection once.

  pipedream 21:23 06 Dec 2004

Thanks all for your comments - will order one shortly & let you know how I get on!

  Piqxel 21:25 06 Dec 2004

I've had one for a couple of weeks now & it's fine. It took me a while to get it set up but that's the only problem I had. So far no dropped connections. I got mine through Dabs.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:16 09 Dec 2004

If I can give any advice about setting up the wireless router it would be make sure the ADSL link light goes solid green when you have first connected it to power and the phone point (via the filter). If it doesn't you will have problems setting up the modem configuration in the set up wizard. If it does not go solid green then just reconnect the power. That problem delayed us by about an hour! Apart from that everything went smooth.

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