Netgear DG834 needs network card?

  Europa 19:06 13 Aug 2005

I have bought a Netgear DG834 broadband modem router which will be coming with my new computer next week. Someone told me (and I've seen on other websites as well), that you need a network cards with it. I would have thought that the motherboard would have some network support(Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe). Do I really need a Network card to get a broadband internet connection?

  Jackcoms 20:07 13 Aug 2005

How many computers are you planning to connect to the internet?

If it's just one, you don't really need a modem router - a modem alone will do the job.

If you are planning to connect several computers (i.e. a network), the one nearest to the router will need a LAN card and the other/s will need a wireless network adapter.

  dan11 20:31 13 Aug 2005

If you are going to use a modem router for you internet connection. Then you will need to use one of three methods.

1) to lan socket. The most popular.

2) to usb socket

3) via WiFi signal from router to WiFi on the machine.

Your motherboard comes with the two most popular connectors. The lan and the usb.

Numbers 3 + 4 are the lan sockets on the rear of your new computer. click here. Numbers 11 + 12 are USB slots.

So no, you should not need a seperate lan card.

  Europa 22:06 13 Aug 2005

Thank you for you both for your input. I am not planning to connect more than one computer at the moment. I will be concentrating first on getting broadband on one computer. I am glad that I won't need a network card after all, as I won't have a network card on my new computer.


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