Bertie B 21:18 05 May 2004

I appear to be doomed with networking!! Having set up a 3 x PC Network last Sunday with my new DG834 I thought I was in heaven [it was all working a treat on all PCs!] - but alas after just a few days the one PC on which I ran the setup program for the modem router seems to decide on an hourly basis whether it wants to access files from other PC's or whether it wants to connect to the internet. Strangely, THE OTHER 2 PCs are working fine in all respects!!

I booted up this morning to find that my main PC was accessing the internet and sharing files OK [it was not all yesterday!] - but after I put it on standby - it was back to the same old tricks - Internet home page just hangs and whilst it can see the other PCs under entire network when you click on the drive letter of one of the these PCs it takes an age to list down thro'the layers of folders but gets as far as a document/file and you get not responding! The PC then hangs for a period before resetting itself once you manually shut down each offending process in Task Manager!

The offending PC is running XP Home [the other 2 which are working OK are Running XP and 98SE] I have carefully checked that all TCP/IP settings are in accordance with DG834 Manual - I have closed town the windows XP Firewall and disabled my Norton Firewall & Anti-Intrusion software [leaving AV Software running!!] again in accordance with DG834 manual as it has its own hardware based firewall.

I am connectiong to BT Broadband and the Modem Router has replaced my BT Voyager USB ADSL Modem.

I hope someone can throw some light because nothing I've got on auto-response from so far seem to sheds any!!!

I'm seriously thinking of replacing all PVCs and network with tins and lengths of string!!!!!!!!

  mike_w 21:33 05 May 2004

I have that router albeit the wireless version.
Have you tried updating the firmware?

  Bertie B 00:29 06 May 2004

Yes - one of the first things I did was to update the firmware.

  Bertie B 10:55 06 May 2004

I'm throwing this one up again in the hope of catching someone online who can throw me a bone!!

  hector 911 11:13 06 May 2004

I would first run an adware program, clear out your cookies and temp files, make sure your PC is virus free! then download new firmware again which is 1.04.01

  Steven135 11:52 06 May 2004

I have just set up a wireless network using a Netgear Wireless BB Router I found after my laptop had gone into stanby I had to reboot. Might be worth trying it for a while without allowing your PC's to go into stanby also disable hibernate.

I found a problem accessing files on my DT PC when the signal was low same freezing etc.

  Steven135 11:55 06 May 2004

Ps: worth checkin that all PC's are using the same channel and mode. Right click on the network icon in task bar, status, properties, configure, advanced.

  Bertie B 12:16 06 May 2004

Thanks for your help!

Not sure what I'm looking for here -

in avanced I can see:-

Network(MAC) Address - "not present" has the button activated.

In Network Media - Auto sense

In Receive Buffer Count - Value 40

That's on my PC with a Netgear FA311 LAN Card

but on my Daughter's PC, which has an NVIDIA nForce MPC Network Adapter, there are different things:-

Network(MAC) Address - "not present" has the button activated.

Optimise for - CPU

Speed Duplex Mode - Auto

Just what all that conveys - is a mystery to me!

  Bertie B 12:23 06 May 2004


PS - Its as if my PC is working in extremely slow motion when it comes to accessing the network - eg.if I launch Outlook it appears to connect OK to my email account - tells me how many emails I have - starts to download them and the grinds to a halt and never completes the process. Its the same when Internet Explorer is launched - my default home page starts to load - the progress bar at the bottom of the screen gets so far then it all stops and fails to complete!!


  hector 911 13:22 06 May 2004

I was wondering if you had previously loaded some software on this pc you are having problems with to enhance internet speed?

if you have changed MTU ( maximum tranmission unit ) on this pc it can affect performance with a adsl router, you should let windows manage MTU or you could manually try changing this value yourself!

the maximum setting is 1500. the largest Ethernet packet size; AOL DSL maximum size is 1400 and you can set it anywhere between the two untill you cure performance problems.

I'm sure you can get more info at the netgear site try the main site not the uk site.

  Bertie B 20:59 06 May 2004

Well - 8 hours have gone by since the last thread up-date on this issue - 2 1/2 of which I spent in the pub to calm down. Since returning at 3ish I have fiddled with everthing to no avail - my PC would just not have anything of the network whilst still my daughters and my old IBM continued to do so with no props.! So .... in desparation I have just uninstalled and swapped the Netgear LAN cards between my PC [XP] and my old PC [Win 98SE] - guess what - all three are now accessing the internet and accessing files from each PC!!!!!

CAN ANYONE OFFER AN EXPLANATION FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED - as I don't want to think about what will happen when I shut everthing down tonight aand then start it up in the morning!!

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