Netgear DG834 ADSL Modem Router

  Bertie B 15:24 27 Apr 2004


Can anyone advise ... if I replace my BT Voyager 100 ADSL Modem with a Netgear DG834 ADSL Modem Router and then connect each PC's LAN Card to it by Cat 5e Patch Cables - {I know I get to share my BT Broadband from each of my three PC's and with this configuration you do not have to keep any one of the PC's on to connect] but in the absence of any other network Hubs/Switches/etc - will the DG834 also allow file sharing between the three PC's??

  Trolley 15:33 27 Apr 2004

It will do.

You can share any number of devices through the 4 port integrated switch, or you are able to connect it to a separate switch/hub.

If you want any more details about the product, check out netgears website and choose your product from the top right hand corner. All the technical details are there.

click here

Hope this helps.

  Bertie B 15:36 27 Apr 2004

Cheers Pal

My order is going off this afternoon!


  phono 15:42 27 Apr 2004

Bertie B

The DG834 is a great bit of kit with excellent specifications, I've had one now for a couple of months and never a problem yet.

You have made a good choice.

  hvs 09:53 28 Apr 2004

Hi Bertie B,
i have just installed a wireless router/modem etc although I do not live in your country but basically it is the same. I also set up a network between the computers (I have 2 ) and we share files and a printer. It's very easy maybe you have done this already, if using Win Xp it's a simple job.

  Bertie B 14:59 01 May 2004

I have so far successfully got this working on my two newer PC's which are running XP. I am about to set up my old IBM PC running Windows 98SE.

At this stage I am a little uncertain what to do about the Freedom Firewall that came with the Netgear DG834 Modem Router as both the newer PC's already have full Norton Security packages which are updated online regularly. However, the old IBM only has Norton Anti-Virus installed - also bang up to-date.

I am not too sure where the Freedom Firewall will be installed - on the Modem Router - or on each PC [if that is the case then I can see problems/conflicts with the already installed Norton Security!?]

Has anyone out there already gone down this road, please?

  Bertie B 18:08 01 May 2004

OK - I am sharing internet connection from all 3 networked PC's and I'm able to share files between thr two Windows XP PC's. HOWEVER, on the Windows 98SE PC - whilst I can access the internet OK I can't see any of the PC's in Network Neighbourhood - can't even see "Entire Neighbourhood link???

Anyone got a suggestion please??

Bertie Tearing-Hair-Out

  phono 23:04 01 May 2004

Hi Bertie B.

Regarding the installation of the Freedom Firewall, I personally did not bother with it as the DG834 has a hardware SPI firewall built in, so in my opinion Freedom is redundant.

I really cannot understand why they include it in the package, you have now got me thinking should I have installed it, I may consult the Netgear website to see why it is supplied.

In respect of your network, when you say you are sharing your Internet connection, I take it you mean that each networked PC is accessing the Internet through the DG834 as opposed to ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on one of the PCs.

How did you set up your network? Did you set it up manually or using a Windows XP wizard on floppy disk or the Windows XP CD-ROM?

Can you ping any of the XP computers from the old IBM or vice versa. Open a command prompt and use the command, ipconfig /all, to discover your IP addresses for each computer and see if you can ping each computer from each other.

Let me know how you get on.

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