Netgear DG814 modem/router installation problem

  Vittorio 12:05 06 Aug 2005

I'm having trouble installing a Netgear DG814 modem/router. My PC runs XP Home and I have a Broadband service in place.

Following the manual, I was able to connect the LAN Network. I clicked on LAN Properties and was told to select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) > Properties. When I completed this and closed, an Internet Connection Wizard appeared. Following the choice windows, I came to 'Your Broadband connection should already be configured and ready to use'.

The manual told me to start a browser. IE came up with'cannot find server' along the top bar, and 'page cannot be displayed' in the page. I typed in click here anywayand got a box requesting a DG814 username and password, which I provided. Another box came up, telling me, 'Sorry! Content adviser will not allow you to see this site' It asks for a Supervisor Password, which I don't have. I'm new to this, and have no idea what to do next. Any help appreciated.

  Bruce Watts 12:49 06 Aug 2005

You must first setup the Router configuration by starting your browser and type in the IP address supplied by Netgear mine is under the Router, example click here
This should then connect your browser to your router, you should be presented to supply the user name and password found in the manual or under the router.

You must then go into setup and have ready all your ISP details, you may need to call them for this information.

Good Luck

  Number 7 13:00 06 Aug 2005

Looks like it could be IE's Content Advisor that's not allowing access to your router's setup screen.

Have a look under Tools> Internet Options> Content.

If Content Advisor is enabled, you can follow the instructions here click here to reset it.

Then follow Bruce Watts's advice about entering your Username and Password (supplied by your ISP) into your router's setup page.

  Vittorio 12:59 12 Aug 2005

ThanksBruce Watts and Number 7, for your advice. I did my best with what you gave me, but couldn't change anything. Eventually I reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP, and started the Netgear DG814 installation again. I have a driver disc supplied by the PC seller , and downloaded a Network Adapter - NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller. Now, when I go to 'Network Connections', 'Local Area Connection' shows
connected. Restarting the modem as instructed, however, changes the status to 'Limited or no Connectivity'

When I run Network Diagnostics it shows the adapter as 'failed' and the IP address as 'failed'. Both Ethernet and SM Bus Controller drivers are also missing.

I am still floundering. Any help gratefully received.

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