Netgear and AOL compatibility

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netgear DG834 PN probs logging on

i have deceide to move with the times and got a netgear DG8834PN modem/router. I have a pc which is wired and a wireless pc and i wanted both to access the internet at the same time. I had read that the set up was easy - how wrong they can be. I use aol broadband. AOL won't help as they don't support this modes and net gear not great either. first things first, do i have to completely get rid of the broadband adapter that aol sent me that went into my phone socket for connection. secondly why is it so damm hard to set up.

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With a ADSL Modem/router all you are required to do is get int oteh configuaration settings which coud either be:

but you should read your documentation which will tell you what it is. Put in the admin login and password (read documentation) for the netgear router and whilst in the setup put in your aol password and login. You should then have access to the internet.

ADSL is a little different to what I have as I am with Telewest Blueyonder which uses a different configuration. But from setting up a relatives network I recall thats what I had done.

I'm sure someone with more experience with ADSL will able to respond to this thread.

You won't need the boradband adaptor AOL gave you after. The filter may come useful to plug into your phoneline, but one should have came with the router.

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It IS easy. Really very easy.

The trouble is that you are trying to use the most unhelpful ADSL service supplier known to man with one of the most unhelpful router manufacturers.

I'll try to answer your questions in no particular order:

If by "broadband adapter" you actually mean your ADSL modem, the yes, it has to go in favour of the modem/router.

You need your connection settings from AOHell; password and username. You will need to find out whether AOL uses PPP over ATM; I would expect it to do so, but have learned not to assume anything with that company.

I can't instruct you in any great detail how to configure the Netgear router, as I avoid them whenever possible. I suggest you read the setup guide carefully.

Once you have it set up, you'll have to deal with the issue of security, but ask for more info when you cross that bridge, because it's too much for me to go into here and now. Suffice to say, it's not complex, but must be done, and done properly.

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"the yes" should have read "the answer's yes".

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Courtesy of keewaa, who posted this in another thread with related issues;

You must find the MTU setting in the router config and change it to 1400 for use with AOL.

  ton 20:00 01 Feb 2006

With AOL you must use a seperate screen name for the router.

If you go to the AOL home page keyword router, you should find all the info about settings, even though they may not be for your exact model, most of it still applies.

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