netgear adsl router DG834

  baucis 00:02 26 Nov 2004

Having got fed up with a USB Speedtouch modem, I see others have had problems! I went out and bought the netgear router,in most respects it works fine. I can access the net and use webmail from my ISP homepage but I cannot configure it to work with IE6. It will be me missing something I expect! Help please.

  hkvic 00:52 26 Nov 2004

In what way can you not configure it? It would seem to be working if you can access your webmail and the net - unless of course you are using a different browser to do that.

I have used this router for quite a while now with no problems in IE6 or my current Firefox browser.

Have you made sure that that the firmware is the latest updated version? If not, it can be downloaded click here

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:59 26 Nov 2004

I use the same router and IE6, what sort of error happens when you try and open the explorer? or what configuration settings are you having a problem with? Are you on XP Home or Pro?

  fitcher 21:13 26 Nov 2004

I use the same router,connected to my ethernet port , yet I find it slower than my usb frog ...what is your isp speeds on the adsl site ?,,do the isps know when you are using a wireless modem connection and in their own interest, slow it down ?(.also is a usb 2 port slower than an ethernet port ).where does it say so ,,

  baucis 21:52 26 Nov 2004

Yes, I was surprised that on opening IE6 I still get the old dialup dialogue box showing no details superimposed over my inbox. Closing that dialogue box results in nothing. No incoming nor outgoing mail! I am using Internet Explorer and IE6. In Internet Options - Tools - Connections, "Never dial a connection" is greyed out. I am still mising something. Thanks for your help.

  baucis 15:33 30 Nov 2004

Thanks to everyone for their help with this router. The fault lay with me, I knew I was missing something, and I was. It helps with the use of OE6 if one first enters the account details!! I had removed these when deleting my dialup connection. You can all have a laugh at my expense.

  Meshuga 15:42 30 Nov 2004

I don`t think you`ll hear many laughs, we`ve all done it at some time. I had settings problem recently with the same router.

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