netgear 834gt

  bluenote 00:52 22 Nov 2005

There seems to be many problems with this modem/router .is it simply that it is a very popular item ? or not very reliable . If so what is a better alternative

  ade.h 19:54 16 Dec 2005

bump (I'd like to know too).

  Jimsplan 20:23 16 Dec 2005

I have a Netgear Router DG834G V2 and never had a problem with it in over a year if it helps Cheers

  ade.h 20:45 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for the comment, Jimsplan.

From what I hear and read, the G is quite consistently reliable while the GT is kind of love-it-or-hate-it, depending on whether it works or not.

  retep888 01:19 17 Dec 2005

I had a DG834GT for a few months now which is nearly on 24/7, I have no problem at all whatsoever.

The setup is a doodle and straight forward, instruction is very clear and only took a few minutes.( You could say it's easy if you know how)

Update the firmware version if you come across any problem.


  bluenote 22:24 28 Dec 2005

I bought the 834gt,and althogh the wireless connection works I can,t connect to my ISP,or even the netgear site.It gets about halfway to connecting and then just stops.I followed all the instructions to do it, the wizard finding the Isp,and also putting it in manually,still nothing.What am I doing wrong .

  ajm 22:42 28 Dec 2005

Who is your ISP?

  retep888 01:28 29 Dec 2005

We need more informations.

How did you connect up your router? Did you use an ethernet cable between the router & pc for configuration?

click here Please have a look in this post, it's for btyahoo.

BTW, who's your ISP? This router is for ADSL only.

  bluenote 13:02 29 Dec 2005

My ISP is metronet .I also used an ethernet cable.I currently use a speadtouch modem.

  5ean 15:31 29 Dec 2005

I have a GT and performance on the network is excellent although it does lose pipex about once or twice every 24 hours. Sometimes it will get it back but sometimes needs rebooting. Have not yet worked out if it's a pipex issue or a router issue.

Go to your ISP homepage and it may have some tips for setting up your router for their own particular settings.

  bluenote 19:52 29 Dec 2005

it doesn't even seem to connect to the netgear site( wireless side is working perfectly it is the modem side which is the problem.

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