Netbook/Laptop for Spain

  Super Frankie Lamps 13:44 06 May 2010

Anyone out there that can give me a few pointers please.

Got the parents coming over from Spain in a couple of weeks and they are on about getting a Netbook/Laptop to use when they go back JUST for web access and email. Also, they don't want to spend a small fortune.

Their only connection is to their telephone point (no wifi or bb connection). So i need an idea of the kit they will need. For instance, i presume i need one with a built in modem but i know nothing about whether the phone point jacks are the same. I know this is like taking a step back in time, but they are both around 70 and i want to make it as simple for them as possible to get connected when they go back.

Thanks for any help.

  mgmcc 20:38 06 May 2010

Most new Laptops/Netbooks will now have Windows 7 installed and not have a built-in V.92 "dialup" modem. It could be difficult to find a USB modem for which Windows 7 drivers are available.

You could try to pick up a Netbook that is still sold with XP and then get a USB Modem to use with that. Alternatively, a Mobile Broadband dongle might be the answer, although this would probably have to be bought in Spain for use on a local network.

  DieSse 14:51 09 May 2010

They'll be better off buying in Spain.

For starters there'll be an "official" 2 year warranty, as with all goods bought in Spain

For seconders they'll have a local point to deal with if they do have problems, that's got to be more convenient than somehow trying to return it to the UK.

For thirders, if they want an English OS and applications, they can get it - though they may have to look around a tad.

If they live on the Costa Blanca, and/or northern Almeria, there are computer clubs that will assists with advice - maybe in other places too, but I don't know.

Dell in Spain will definitely supply systems with English software.

Getting a free copy of Linux will replace a Spanish Windows system with any language they like, and is free even if they've bought a Spanish based system.

I think local in Spain help is more what they need than absent in the UK help.

  onthelimit 15:22 09 May 2010

Plus, I'm fairly sure the phone sockets in Spain are different to ours.

  DieSse 23:08 09 May 2010

"....the phone sockets in Spain are different to ours"

They are, but that only requires a different cable - and it's a cable that doesn't normally come with the laptop anyway.

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