Netbook won't connect via Homeplug

  dms_05 09:03 12 Jun 2010

I've just bought a couple of 85MB/sec Homeplug adaptors and they work fine with a desktop and a laptop but when I try them with a Netbook (MSI Wind) I can establish a LAN but not connect to the Internet. The desktop/laptop connect via DHCP and worked immediately. The netbook fails using DHCP and I've tried setting a static IP adress (192.168.0.xx range, Submask and Gateway This establishes a LAN but will still not allow me access to the Internet, so I tried DNS as (default) and Open DNS but that didn't help.

I'm now connected with the Netbooks WiFi without a problem using auto IP and DNS.

Any suggestions why the Netbook seems to be throwing up a private network ( with submask when LAN cabled but works OK when in wireless mode?

  dms_05 09:14 12 Jun 2010

I should add that I'm using XP SP3 and if I connect the Netbook directly to the router with a LAN cable it connects and I can access the internet using auto DHCP. It's only when I use the Homeplug/Powerline connection I have problems.

  dms_05 09:48 12 Jun 2010

And with the Homeplug LAN showing 'Connected at 100MB/sec' I can't access my router using

I've tried turning the XP Firewall OFF and that makes no difference.

  hartt 16:30 28 Jun 2011

I had the same problem too and contacted Homeplug UK. They advised plugging the netbook into a socket where you know the homeplug works (where the desktop and laptop are operating from), also try swapping the homeplugs. I was told that there are sometimes spots on domestic wiring circuits which do not work for some reason.

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