Netbook Trojan

  Debbie46 15:59 08 Jul 2010

Hi all - I have a samsung netbook and stupidly opened up a link someone sent me via MSN Messenger (well my daughter's actually) our security protection had run out. Now I cannot start up the netbook at all, my local computer repairer said it would cost about £60 to put right, more than half of what the netbook cost, so am reluctant to do this - is there another way of dealing with?
Thanks in advance

  rdave13 16:52 08 Jul 2010

Depending on what important info you have on the machine, there should be a way of restoring to factory settings, via a hidden partition, or discs that you should have made when the netbook was first used. Have a look at the documents that came with the machine. Note that you will lose ALL your docs, photos etc as the netbook will be restored to 'as new'.
If you have information you don't want to lose then try tapping F8 ( or F5) on bootup to see if you can get to safe mode. If you can then try a system restore.

  Debbie46 16:55 08 Jul 2010

I don't have any important info/photos etc. it was purely just used for browsing. I will read instructions tonight (try). I just wondered if there was a button to press to take me into restore factory settings.
many thanks

  rdave13 17:01 08 Jul 2010

There should be one of the 'F' buttons to do this but as I don't have a Samsung you'll have to have a look at the documents.
Let us know how you get on.

  Debbie46 09:07 09 Jul 2010

Hi all - have managed to sort this problem all by myself! There was an icon on desktop that said Samsung System Restore so clicked that and restored everything and seemed to have got rid of trojan. Also managed to download a free trial AVG antivirus to protect computer. As I don't have a CD drive do I have to download protection via internet obviously worried about putting card details in etc. I have previously bought a McAfee internet protection - a 3-user have only used on my two other computers but can I use on my samsung if I don't have a CD drive, shame to waste the other user so to speak. Thanks for any help provided.

  MAT ALAN 09:20 09 Jul 2010

You don't have to put your card details anywhere the free options of internet security for a hoem user are more thn good enough.

AVG and AVAST both do free versions...

  rdave13 14:29 09 Jul 2010

For a netbook you should consider MSE which is free. Make sure you uninstall any antivirus programs installed previously if you are going to try it. If XP then suggest PcTools firewall, also free.

click here

click here

One thing to consider is getting an usb external optical drive. The cd drives are cheap, around £14 and a dvd/cd drive about £35 that reads and writes to dvd. Similar to this list; click here

Glad you're sorted, though.

  onthelimit 14:34 09 Jul 2010

Well done - and you've saved yourself 60 quid!

  Debbie46 14:57 09 Jul 2010

thank you all for that,

I would be interested in getting the DVD drive for the notebook. Would I be able to use this say for abroad for the children to watch DVDs without plugging in mains etc.
Many thanks

  rdave13 15:11 09 Jul 2010

Have a look at this one. Comes with a power supply but the reviews shows it also works off the usb. Possibly need the extra power for burning rather than reading.
click here

Have a search around for other models to compare.

  onthelimit 15:35 09 Jul 2010

Yes, I have something similar which runs quite happily off a USB port on my Sammy. You will need some software to play DVDs. If you don't need to burn DVD then this click here for 28 quid is great.

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