Netbook Networking Issue HELPPP

  Jocat 21:10 23 Apr 2009

Hi Guys,

PLease could someone help, before I throw my netbook out of the window.

I have an MSI Wind Netbook running Windows XP, and a laptop running Vista. When I got my netbook about 3 months ago I managed to network it fine, I shared the DVD RW drive ont he laptop and was able to read it from my netbook to install the programs on said machine. Now I can't read this drive at all, I can only read the public files in vista, my vista laptop can read all files in my netbook.

I have tried various attempts, both machine appear to be in the same workgroup. My vista machine though when mapping the network, says the Netbook can't be placed on the map.

I would be grateful for all attempts of help.

Many thanks in anticipation.


  Ashrich 21:40 23 Apr 2009

Try temporarily disabling both firewalls ( Vista machine and Netbook ) to see if that makes any difference , if it does , re-enable one of them and try again until you find which one is causing the trouble .


  Ashrich 21:44 23 Apr 2009

Forgot to say , make sure that your home network is registered as a " Private Network " in Vista , it makes a difference in Network permissions allowing access to certain areas which are denied in a Public Network for example .


  Jocat 21:53 23 Apr 2009

Many thanks for your suggestion, but it seems to make no difference at all, both are in a Private Network too.

The vista machine is wireless and the netbook is wired directly to the router. I use my netbook at work wirelessly.



  mgmcc 14:58 25 Apr 2009

Check that the Laptop's DVD drive is still set as "shared" as it may have lost this setting. [If throwing either out of the window, it should be the one running Vista!]

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