Net slow down, especially re Google

  Dan 17:33 16 Jan 2004

Since last night I've been unable to access the search engine page and my favourite site (click here)which has recently started using the Google advert bar has also drastically slowed down for me up to the point where the pages won't always open.

I've run AVG, Adaware and SpybotSearch&Destroy with no findings although AVG's quick test, which I ran first, did find a change in the boot sector but was no more specific than that and didn't comment about it after an indepth scan.

I've used IE's Explorer to delete the off line cache and cookies and if anything that's slowed things down more.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on and how I can fix this?

  woodchip 17:47 16 Jan 2004
  Dan 18:33 16 Jan 2004

But I'm not convinced the problem is with IE6.

I've since tried a couple of my other browsers.

Opera won't open but will open my site, possibly because the adverts aren't enabled and so the google bar isn't coming into play.

Mozilla Firebird however will open both the site and google.

So whatever it is, it's effecting two browsers but not the third.

I'm grateful for the link, and I'll use it as a last resort but I'm not convinced it'll fix the fault.

  woodchip 20:25 16 Jan 2004

Have you disabled cookies, as that can stop you getting into sites

  jim410 20:25 16 Jan 2004

i may be wrong but it may be the CWS Trojan which has been doing the rounds lately. Try
click here

sorry couldnt get the link to work ' but this might be the answer

  jim410 20:27 16 Jan 2004

you will need winzip to open it.

  Quiller. 20:38 16 Jan 2004

I have been having the same problem with google, ( on dial up yuk!! ),for a few days.

Just tried it now and it, google, loaded really fast. I thought it may have been the volume of traffic?

  Dan 12:12 17 Jan 2004

I was tinkering till the early hours which is why I haven't replied till now.

I wondered about the CWS Trojan and ran the killer that jim410 linked to (thanks for that), but it came up empty...which is good I guess.

Cookies are enabled so it's not that.

and last night till late everything was still skewed (I reinstalled the latest version of MozillaFirebird which worked fine on my site with popups off but wouldn't work with popups on).

And yet here we are this morning. And I can get into both Google and my site in IE6 as of old.

Which, although it's the end result I was after, is now somewhat worrying. What the heck was going on yesterday!?

I'm always on a really slow dial up connection - is this going to keep happening?

  Quiller. 12:51 17 Jan 2004

When you say you have a " really slow dial up connection"

How slow?

mine is between 45.2 and 44.0 Kbps

google and your link page load quite fast, the slowest as usual is the PCA site. lol

  Dan 14:13 17 Jan 2004

top speed 31.2Kbps, more common 28.8.

DAC unit on line, live rural, no hope of BB. :(

  Quiller. 15:31 17 Jan 2004

Same here rural and only 250 interested out of a trigger level of 500 :-(

Have you a built in modem or a separate modem card?

Forgive my ignorance but what is a DAC unit?

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