net sharing win 98se through hub????

  athenrye 14:56 31 Aug 2003

hi ive got a xp and a win 98se which go to a hub with straight through patch cables.
ive got a blueyonder external modem that also goes to the hub with the same sort of cable....
i followed the xp wizard and all seems fine on the xp set up, still able to suff and get mail etc, but on the win 98se i cant seem to get the net!
any ideas because im stuck....
i think it might be the ip address on the 98 or something, what can i do?
ive tried the ping etc but it dosent work

  [DELETED] 15:53 31 Aug 2003

1. Uninstall any firewalls (including the built-in one in XP)

2. If that doesn't work, see the setup diagrams at click here

3. If still no joy, post back.

  [DELETED] 15:56 31 Aug 2003

you need a router, or set up the xp pc for internet connection sharing

  athenrye 15:58 31 Aug 2003

i dont have one just the installed xp one
how do i get rid of that?
i also looked at the site you linked me to....
it shows the modem going into the main computer, but on mine ive got all the cables going into the hub as ive only got one nic card in each comp
does this make any difference

  [DELETED] 16:04 31 Aug 2003

I am running the same setup you describe.You will need another nic in the xp pc.Connect the win98 pc to the hub and the hub to the 2nd nic on xp pc the modem can remain on your original nic (xp pc)
Hope this makes sense.Then run the network wizard.

  athenrye 16:14 31 Aug 2003

this is getting me down a bit....
i went for a crossover cable and didnt have a second nic card, the guy said get a hub and plug them all into that, it saves opening up the machine, so i got straight through cable and a hub and it dosent work....
so now i got and get another nic card and im left with a hub i dont need!
will it not work with a second nic card?

  [DELETED] 16:30 31 Aug 2003

click here is the most accurate and informative site that I know for Cable (NTL and Telewest) in the UK.

The relevant quote (for your situation) is

"Disregard cable modem documentation about being able to support multiple PCs via a hub: with most domestic broadband ISPs (including NTL, Blueyonder), you can have only one.

If you have more than one computer on a LAN at home, and you want to make the cable modem available to them all, you cannot just plug the cable modem into your LAN hub, because the cable modem will communicate with only one MAC address, and will issue only one IP address via DHCP."

Your choices now are to use the XP PC as a 'gateway' for the 98 PC to connect to the Web. This will require you to use crossover cables, no straight-through, and install a second network card in the XP PC.

Alternatively, buy a router. You can then lift out the hub, and install the router, leaving everything exactly as is. Novatech now sell them for less than £40, I believe.

Incidentally, as you bought the hub on the advice from the salesman that it was what you needed, I would print out the article on Robin Walker's site, take the hub back and ask for a refund.

  [DELETED] 16:31 31 Aug 2003

P.S. Aplogies for my first (incorrect) posting - I misread your setup.

  [DELETED] 12:09 03 Sep 2003

It will work without the hub,but you will need to use a crossover cable and you will still need 2 nics in the pc that has the direct connection to the internet,ie. the one the modem is connected to.the benefit of the hub is that you can add another pc at a later date,my other half connects her laptop to the hub to connect to the internet.As you have said the hub requires a straightthru cable.
If you don't need to connect a 3rd pc and you can get a refund on the hub I would use the crossover cable method.Depending on where your pc's are situated the biggest hassle is running the cable.

win98pc --------------------------xppc nic2
:---nic1 cab/modem

Crap drawing I know but hope it makes sense.If you need more info post back.

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