Net Objects Fusion Font Size Problem

  Pesala 05:29 14 Oct 2003

I asked this question a few times on the Webdesign forum, but no one seems to know the answer, so I ask it again here.

I have designed my website with Verdana 10 point for normal text click here but to get this size in Internet Explorer one has to use the "smallest" font size setting.

The source code tells me that the body text is set at +1> though in Net Objects Fusion it is at 0> as you can see from the screen shot. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

My website is click here

  Pesala 11:23 14 Oct 2003


  Pesala 14:58 14 Oct 2003


  bowman 15:12 14 Oct 2003

This maybe entirely up the wrong tree: but have you tried removing the 10(+0) and just typing (+0)NOF may read the 10 as +1. Just a thought?

Hope this helps.

  menorcarob2 17:18 14 Oct 2003

from your screen shot nof is showing 10 is = +0, i use nof 7 so i cannot tell you what your setting should be ie: site style, if you go to nof's website there is a link to there forum, and this is exellent.

  Pesala 17:22 14 Oct 2003

(~_~) I didn't realise there was one. I'm using NOF 4.0

  Taran 17:30 14 Oct 2003

Are you sure that it's a global problem and not just an issue with your browser setup on your system Pesala ?

Do all site visitors get the same results and problems ?

  Pesala 17:39 14 Oct 2003

FE was complaining about my font size being too big. The home page contains the following just before some body text using the Normal style, which is 10 point Verdana in NOF. A bit of source code rom my home page click here


FACE="Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica"></FONT></B><P><FONT COLOR="#000000" FACE="Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica">

  menorcarob2 17:46 14 Oct 2003

Rule #1......don't use point sizes. Use pixel sizes.

That will prevent visitors from resizing your fonts (in most cases) and give
you the look you want more often.

Different browsers handle point and relative sizes differently resulting in
different displays. Pixels are the native measurement unit of a computer
monitor. The others have to be converted.

Turn on CSS in Site settings and on the Text tab in your site style, change
your font defaults to px.

You'll then need to go thru your site removing any formatting applied
directly to text to allow CSS to take over.

  Pesala 17:50 14 Oct 2003

On closer inspection, the Size = +1 is turned offer after the heading "The Buddha"

<TD VALIGN=TOP WIDTH=217><P ALIGN=CENTER><A HREF="./Buddha/buddha.html"><B><FONT COLOR="#0000FF" SIZE="+1" FACE="Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica">The Buddha</FONT></B></A>

<B><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"
SIZE="+1" FACE="Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica"></FONT></B>

Size +1 is turned off here, by </FONT> is it not?

Then the body text sets no special size:

<P><FONT COLOR="#000000" FACE="Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica">The central teaching of Buddhism is mindfulness, which leads to insight.

SO, is it a problem with my Internet Explorer? Or do others find the font is more than 10 point. Copy some text to Wordpad and set it to 10point Verdana, then set font to medium in IE and compare side by side. They should be identical, should they not?

  Pesala 17:56 14 Oct 2003

but I don't want to prevent users from resizing my site to suit their needs. I just want it to appear at the design size when the medium font setting is selected, which is what should happen AFAIK, but on my own system in IE the font size is 12 point instead of ten point when the text size is set to medium.

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