Net Objects Fusion 8 problem with home page

  allright 09:31 16 Feb 2006

All of a sudden our home page is loading extremely slowly, and the banner and buttons take forever to appear. When you go onto other pages they all load as normal, but if you go back to the home page or refresh it it still takes forever for the buttons and banner to download. Up until yesterday there was no problem with this, and we haven't done anything that we can think of to change things. The site is click here and was built on Net Objects Fusion 8. Does anyone please have any suggestions as to why this is happening, and what we can do about it? Thanks everyone in advance.

  ade.h 13:34 16 Feb 2006

Loads in an instant.

And it's nothing to do with NOF. If and when such things do happen, it's more likely to be a server issue.

  ade.h 13:35 16 Feb 2006

In fact, I must pay you a compliment because I have rarely seen a site that loads quite that quickly.

  allright 13:47 16 Feb 2006

This is very strange, because a friend of mine had a look, and had the same problems as me. Also when I hit page preview when in NOF the banner and buttons don't appearon the home page, but they do on all the other pages.

  allright 13:57 16 Feb 2006

I tried up loading locally, It made no difference

  beynac 14:19 16 Feb 2006

Your homepage appears to be downloading something from another server at webservices . websitepros . com (spaces to prevent a 'click here'). The other pages don't do this. Is this causing the problem?

  allright 15:46 16 Feb 2006

I think you have hit the nail on the head! websitepros is in some way connected with NOF, They provide hit counters, and this morning when I noticed the problem the hit counter had also disappeared and the websitepros site is down.........not quite sure where I go from hear.

  ade.h 15:50 16 Feb 2006

I must be missing something, because I have just checked it for a second time and it is still loading very quickly. There appears to be no difference between pages and the French version is just as quick.

With regard to your later query about page preview; I have never seen that anomaly, but the only thing that I can suggest is to keep close control of your assets.

  allright 15:58 16 Feb 2006


When it loads, do you see an orange banner and orange buttons down the left hand side side and a counter at the bottom?

  ade.h 16:05 16 Feb 2006

There's no counter at the bottom - in fact, it stops ubruptly under the images - and the only orange bits are the navbars, etc.

  allright 16:26 16 Feb 2006

I have tried to remove the counter but, I can't remove something that is not physically there. Both NOF and websitepros sites are down.

I know nothing about code hence buying NOF, so to do it from a file or the HTML code would send me off down a blind alley.

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