Net monitoring - inbound traffic.

  CLF99 11:24 02 Oct 2003

I have a net monitoring program that lets me know each time something tries to move inwards to pc, or outwards from pc, to the net. It allows me to 'block' or 'permit' the action.

My question is...:

Why is there so much Microsoft (mainly inbound) traffic and what would happen if I decided to block it?


Program: C:\Windows|System32\Svchost.exe
Protocol: UDP Inbound

My theory is that, if I wasn't logged on to the internet, it couldn't do it anyway, so therefore why does it keep having to communicate with my pc? Surely Windows XP Home can work fine without having to report home every half hour.

I don't understand the workings of all this, but do not want MSN snooping around and letting itself in the back door uninvited like an annoying neighbour unless its 100% necessary!

Also, are the rumours true that running your Windows update, or downloading patches for example, from MSN allows it to come in and have a good look round?


  vinnyo123 15:29 02 Oct 2003

click here

not sure if this is what you mean but usually this causes alot of traffic on network hope this helps???

  CLF1 17:04 02 Oct 2003

Thanks for that.

The info on your link was a bit too techy for me I'm afraid.

I think the C:\Windows\System32\Svchost.exe is the only thing that keeps popping up.

I guess if I can find out what the program is for, I can decide if blocking it would interfere with the working of my pc.

If anyone knows what this program is for, I'd be grateful for the info..

Thanks v.much, and thanks for your help vinnyo123 :-)

  Jester2K II 17:14 02 Oct 2003

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