Net messanger service

  johnincrete 08:57 15 Mar 2010

I have just started to get popups telling me that someone has signed on, I've been logged out and stuff. A little icon rather like a chess pawn replaces the double pawn icon in the blue strip along the bottom of the screen.
I have no desire to be one of Bill Gate's pawns. How do I get rid of windows messenger service once and for all?
I note that it does not appear in the list of programs that I can Add/Remove in Control Panel.

  birdface 09:12 15 Mar 2010

Not sure but have you just reformatted recently.
When reformatting Windows messenger 4.5 or whatever it is is usually downloaded as well with XP.
I believe you can find it in Windows Explorer but I may have got that wrong.
Just a matter of opening it and set it not to run at start up or you may find it in msconfig and untick it from there.
It can be removed but years since I did it and cannot remember how.

  johnincrete 10:33 15 Mar 2010

I have not reformatted anything.
I get Microsoft Automatic Updates.
I could not see any reference to Messenger in any part of msconfig
I've just received a pop up saying I need to register my email address - no way!

  Sea Urchin 11:18 15 Mar 2010
  birdface 11:49 15 Mar 2010

It could be Windows messenger service on Sea Urchins click here that you need.

  johnincrete 13:57 15 Mar 2010

Oh dear!
Windows Messenger not where the article said.
No MSM Messenger.
WMS already disabled & stopped
Is this another "benefit" of using Windows that I shall have to put up with?

  birdface 15:38 15 Mar 2010

It comes under Windows live essentials in add remove.but if you delete it it may remove Windows live mail or Hotmail if you use any of those.

  birdface 15:45 15 Mar 2010

Under the download button is a list of programs that you would loose if you uninstall Windows live essentials.

click here

  birdface 15:52 15 Mar 2010

Do you use Windows or MSN messenger. Or any other Messenger program.If so what.

  johnincrete 05:41 16 Mar 2010

I don't use any messenger service.
For email I use hotmail & Gmail. For phone I use Skype.

  birdface 07:35 16 Mar 2010

Not sure if this helps.

click here

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