Net Meeting

  User-178362 19:55 01 Nov 2005

Window saying (NetMeeting - Not in a...) On my desk top. Never seen it before. Could you please tell me what does it mean and what should I do about it?

  wolfie3000 20:50 01 Nov 2005

Netmeeting is a microsoft program for chatting to others via webcams and audio but hardly anyone uses it now with msn messenger being better and more stable.

As for (NetMeeting - Not in a...) is it on an icon or is a window opening up?
I am guessing its an icon if so right click it to see what the rest of the text is as this will help.

  User-178362 15:34 02 Nov 2005

Is a window, but it's gone now, I expect it will come back. This is my second time I have switched on the PC and it still isn't here.

  ade.h 17:20 02 Nov 2005

It might be related to the Net Meeting Remote Desktop Sharing service. Type services.msc in the Run... box and see what start-up status that item has.

Post it here.

  User-178362 22:30 03 Nov 2005

I do not know where the run box is. I clicked on the N/Meeting icon and the window poped up again, I haven't seen it for a few days. I hovered over some of the small boxes in the window. It looks like I can ring from here. Start web, chat,

  wolfie3000 23:34 03 Nov 2005

I tyhink what ade.h is saying is this 1click here this is the run box hes on about then 2click here clicking on run will bring up this box type in what is typed in on the picture then 3click here this will appear.

Then look forthe start up status of Net Meeting Remote Desktop Sharing service.

  User-178362 19:48 04 Nov 2005

Wolfie 3000. I clicked on 1 and 2 of your click here. They were both the same pic, (wolfie.) I saw the run box it said, Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource and Windows will open it for you. Each time I clicked on the line where I had to type something in i.e folder it just kept taking me to a list below, looked like accommodation, now it on about printing. I guess it is a demo. I have just clicked on the run box and clicked on Open Link, then I clicked Browse, which took me to my Pictures. I do not understand whats going on, but maybe I just clicked on Net meeting my mistake as it is next to my pictures icon on the desk top. This the type of thing I would like to learn about not CLAIT.

  wolfie3000 01:37 06 Nov 2005

ok then try this click here folow the intructions when your at the startup bit look for netmeeting and untick it hope it helps.

  User-178362 19:22 13 Nov 2005

Thank you wolfie3000. As it has not come up again I'm going to leave well alone. I have tried clicking on Start, then I'm lost plus, what am I supposed to be anticking, Net meeting? I do have a web cam but use MSN. If it happens again should I delete the Icon as people do not use it?

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