The Net, ISP's & Notebooks

  Hels 14:10 04 Sep 2003

Ok, so I've splashed out for a Notebook because I travel all over the place and need to have access to The Net (Internet Explorer) and my ntlworld webmail account.

First thing first.....obviously the Notebook has a modem but as I have broadband at home I thought a really good way for me to get all my software and Windows up to date would be to use my broadband connection (USB) to connect to the Net.....when I had my broadband installed I had a disc, I take it I have to install this disc onto my Notebook to gain access?

Obviously because I have ntlworld broadband, I haven't got a 'dial up' connection.....can anyone suggest a cheap ISP or a way that I can be 'mobile' with my notebook in Europe. Both my mobile phone and my notebook have bluetooth technology so I can connect that way but I need an ISP don't I??

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