.Net framework update

  Electronic_Eric 17:52 18 Jul 2008

Ive just reformatted my laptop (Asus A6VM). Im struggling to download the .Net framework V1.1, V2 and V3. Ive tried doing it two or three times and it hasnt worked. How can i get this to work?

Hope to hear a response soon,


  Pamy 17:57 18 Jul 2008

are you trying to download all at once? Try just one at a time

  Electronic_Eric 18:14 18 Jul 2008

All at once. Im guessing with that question i should be trying to install them one at once?

  Pamy 18:23 18 Jul 2008

I think I did say that

  Electronic_Eric 18:27 18 Jul 2008

Oh sorry. Lol. Il admit i didnt read it properly. I assumed you said "are you trying to download all at once? or just one at a time"

It appears to have worked. I just need to reboot the machine. Cheers

  john bunyan 20:48 18 Jul 2008

I think you can start with v2 (includes 1)and add the others in turn including v3.5

  Electronic_Eric 15:06 19 Jul 2008

It worked. I installed one and rebooted the computer. I then installed another one and rebooted it. I did this until all .Net frameworks was installed and all the updates.

  john bunyan 16:56 19 Jul 2008

Well done - I assume you have a Media Centre Edition?

  Electronic_Eric 18:27 19 Jul 2008

Nope. This was in home edition.

  john bunyan 21:22 19 Jul 2008

Not sure if you need this stuff, I put it all in as I have a Media Centre Edition XP which certainly does need it. It should not do any harm but maybe others would say if it is needed for your set up.Cheers

  Stuartli 23:32 19 Jul 2008

>>Not sure if you need this stuff>>

If, for instance, you have an ATi card such as my Radeon 9550, the Catalyst™ Control Center requires iNET Framework Version 2 to ensure correct operation.

However, as I prefer to just use the ATi Display driver in tandem with ATi Tray Tools, it doesn't apply in my case.

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