Net access on one user account only ?

  _chris_ 20:19 19 Apr 2004

I am using a system running Windows XP Home. My problem is that the only user account that can access the internet is mine. I have administrator rights on the system. This issue only surfaced today when my wife informed me IE wasn't working. On checking her desktop, when I click IE I get DNS errors. The start menu has gained MSN explorer icon and two accounts appear to have been made in msn explorer in the name of my children who shared my wifes account. Access to the net was posible via the msn explorer browser. I have now deleted MSN Explorer via the 'add/remove Windows components' facility but IE still won't work in that account. I set up a new user account to see if that would help but even that has no net access. It would appear that somehow something has been installed/updated in my wifes account and the settings took over the browser preferences somehow. No one is admitting to installing/updating anything, is it even possible without admin rights ?
How can I get net access again via IE ?

Thanks in advance

  _chris_ 16:31 20 Apr 2004

ok I'll try that ;P

  anon1 16:39 20 Apr 2004

so what internet access do you have? Dial up or broadband? It would be of great help to know

  _chris_ 22:15 20 Apr 2004


  _chris_ 14:11 24 Apr 2004


  _chris_ 14:11 24 Apr 2004


  TBH1 15:10 24 Apr 2004

have you checked, via IE, TOOLS / INTERNET OPTIONS / CONNECTIONS ??? I recently set up user ids on my xp and had to go that route - - -make sure those settings are the same as your own 9the one that does connect)

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