NES failing to load games

  NChick 20:05 05 Mar 2007

Hi. I know this site isn't "NES Advisor" but I'm in a jam and was told that this was the place to go for technical help.
I've finally been able to find a NES, but when I try to get it to load something, the light on the front blinks on and off, and the TV screen flashes grey to black.
It's a front-loading "toaster" style nes. I'm gonna try cleaning it but I'm told there's a way to fiddle with its motherboard to fix this. Is this true and if so, how do I do it?

Again, I know it's not a PC, but if anyone can offer help, please reply!

  SANTOS7 20:17 05 Mar 2007

click here

You may need a new one of these..

  NChick 18:08 24 Mar 2007

I've bodged a fix (placemats jammed between cartridge and NES) and it's now proudly sat next to my PC, working with my tv tuner. Could it be the loading mechanism or am I missing something?

  LinkinFarley 19:46 24 Mar 2007

Hi, Chick, I had the same problem til I took my NES apart and found the 32 pin connector which is where the games go into. I used a small screwdriver and closed the gaps so that when the game was inserted it would be tight. Thats why your machine works when you stuff placemats into it. the connection is loose. My 2 machines which both had the same problem now work perfectly. hope this helps

  WhiteTruckMan 22:04 24 Mar 2007

LinkinFarley has it. Part of the reason why is that the game cart engages the connector then pivots downwards, putting a strain on the contacts. Damn silly design flaw if you ask me. Cant think of a single other console that does this. If it wasnt for the quality of a small handfull of games like mario bros I think the NES would have bombed.

WE still use ours occasionally, all bought very cheap from car boots etc, and mario 1 & 3 are still a pleasure to play. simple and not too demanding by todays standards. Cheap fun.


  NChick 21:20 01 Apr 2007

Thanks. I'll try this screwdriver trick, but do you think you could give some more details, please? I want to be as armed as possible before I go twiddling with my currently working NES.

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