Nero Wave Editor Output Quality

  DJ-Garry 21:32 02 May 2004

I used to use Creative Wave Studio to edit sound tracks, but .mp3's need to be converted to .wav first and then back to .mp3 (using YAmp) after editing. I've just started using Nero Wave Editor instead as it does the conversion on the fly, but I can't find where to change the output settings. If I edit a 128kbps 44khz file and then save it, as it's saved it drops the quality down to 80kbps 20khz. .wma's actually go up in quality and .wav files stay the same.
Please, does anyone know if you can change the output quality setting in Nero Wave Editor?
Many thanks.

  Simsy 22:34 02 May 2004

what you're looking for, is "Convert Sample Format", under the edit menu.

When you have finished all your editing, highlight everything, (ctl & "A"), then choose Edit>Convert Sample Type from the menu bar...

Choose your options and then OK...

Then save...

And I think that should do it.

Apologies if I've mi!sunderstood what you're after. Does this do it?



  ton 22:34 02 May 2004

If you choose 'save as', then choose the file type, click on the options box, then you can choose the quality you want.

  DJ-Garry 00:28 03 May 2004

Thanks Simsy, but not quite. The file is already in a good HQ format. It's when It's saved it drops it sown to a LQ format.
Ton's answer does do the trick (thanks) but it's VERY long winded as it doesn't have the original filename in the box, opens the temp folder the program uses for storing the peak files and you have to back click numerous folders and navigate to your 'My Music' folder, and it doesn't remember ANY of this the next time you edit another file.

Does anyone know how to change the DEFAULT save settings so I can just click on the 'save' button and it overwrites the original file please?

  DJ-Garry 09:09 03 May 2004


  DJ-Garry 12:18 03 May 2004

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