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  Alf58 23:57 19 Jul 2004

Whenever I try to load any audio file Mp3 or Wav I get error message about being unable to create a peak file followed by there was an error when reading from "whatever file name".

I'm running Windows Xp, Nero Version 6. 2.8 Ghz Pentium loads of memory all my other programs work fine for example nero burns CDs and Dvds no problem. Its just annoying Wave Editor seems cranky.

Any ideas?

  ace121pk 00:15 20 Jul 2004

are you playing the audio file while opening it in Wvae Editor

  Simsy 08:43 20 Jul 2004

but by way of a bit of background, a "peak" file, (.pk), is a file that is created when loading a file for the first time. It is subsequently used to help the same file to be loaded much quicker subsequently.

You can think of it as a file that represents the "picture" of the audio file that you see on screen.

I would guess that it can't create a peak file bcause it can't read the audio file for some reason... i.e. the error message you're getting about "unable to read the file" is the REASON for the peak file not being created... so the error messages are not appearing in a helpful order.

Now I realise that doesn't help solve the problem... It may be that the files can't be read because they are outside the spec of what the wave editor can handle. I'm not sure what the Nero Wave editor can deal with, but maybe there are limits with regard to sample rate, or bit rate, of the audio, and your files are outside those limits?

Of course it might just be that your Nero wave editor installation has gone up the nelly and a reinstall might cure it!!

Sorry if none of this helps!

Good luck,



  Alf58 18:23 20 Jul 2004

Thank you for the response. I have reinstalled Nero but it hasnt helped. My Mp3s are mainly 128 bps and my Wav files are the standard bitrate. The problem occurs from CDs and from files saved on my hard drive.

Ace 121, I haven't tried playing files before opening them in wave editor. I'll give that a go.

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