Nero Vision slow transcodeing

  Alan-Petrie 20:19 31 Jul 2008

Hi I have nero 7 premium on a vista, core 2 duo 2.33ghz, 2 gig ram.

Today I was burning around 2.4GB of avi files and coverting them to mpeg2 at which point they took up 4.4GB (Resolution increassed) but this took 3hours and thats not including the dvd burning time. So my question is, is that not an awful long time.

Thanks Alan

  Ditch999 20:45 31 Jul 2008

avi is an uncompressed format whereas mpeg2 is compressed and therefore should be smaller file size (unless you stuck a LOT of effects/filters in)

Increasing the resolution will not improve the quality only make the picture bigger (as well as the file size)

How many passes is Nero set to make when converting from avi?

In Vision click on the More button at the bottom and then on Default Video Options and on the General tab is Nero Smart Encoding set to Automatic?

Then on the DVD-Video tab
Is Quality Setting set to Standard Play?
Is Encoding Mode set to Fast Encoding?

Its not an abnormally long time for a 2.4GB file.

  Alan-Petrie 22:04 31 Jul 2008

Hi it was set to high quality 2 pass do you think I would notice a diffrence if I made it one pass?

Thanks Alan

  Ditch999 23:08 31 Jul 2008

Most definitely.

  eedcam 07:41 01 Aug 2008

'Avi is an uncompressed format'

Avi is not a format and there are several variants all are compressed some more than others even the best DV-avi is compressed albeit minimal and that runs at 13G/byte per hour

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