Nero verification problems after burning to DVD!:(

  theDarkness 19:00 08 Jan 2006

I am running xp and SP2, and use Nero v6.6, which as far as I know is compatible as there was an SP2 update a while back on the official Nero site which I installed. ZA Security Suite and freeramxp are always active on my pc, but I have never had any issues with them and Nero running at the same time, and never had as many problems with Nero as I do now, even though I am using the same cd/dvd burner, software and version of xp. I have not installed anything new lately at all.

What happens is that more discs than ever seem to fail in the verification process, 1 in every 2, although its not always clear if that means my discs are a total failure as sometimes I can read off of them, if not 100%. I have even taken the drastic measure of reinstalling xp, but the problem still arises. Perhaps unsurprisingly, CD burning doesnt seem to bring up any problems in verification. I assume this is because the issue may be down to memory, but in freeRamxp I always seem to have plenty spare, and I dont know how to find out if I have any buffer probs.

Can anyone recommend any solutions or other cd/dvd burning software? I use my dvd burner to burn alot of small files most of the time onto dvd, such as hundreds of homemade wav files for sampling in music creating programs such as Fruity Loops and Making Waves. I have been told before that the Nero verification process (and Nero itself) is very unreliable with dvd burning, but I dont know how true this is. Thanks very much for any help :)

  Totally-braindead 22:13 08 Jan 2006

Presumming you haven't changed the make of disks you are using and that Nero is fully updated as you seem to be saying the only idea I can come up with is to check the DVD writers website and see if theres any info there and perhaps a firmware upgrade. Failing that you could try Nero 7 trial, its on the latest PCA CD I believe, some people have had problems with it but if nothing else works then its worth a try.

  User-312386 22:25 08 Jan 2006

I have always had trouble with Nero verification and no longer use it and have trouble free discs for years

Just dont verify

  Totally-braindead 22:36 08 Jan 2006

Hadn't thought of that madboy33©® but now I think about it I don't think I've ever used it.

  theDarkness 22:55 08 Jan 2006

thanks for the replies - but surely Nero verification only reads the disc after its burnt! Nero messing the discs up whilst burning, just because ive ticked the verify box to check the discs after a completed burn, just sounds rather odd..

I only ever use dvd-r, I've never really tried dvd+ often enough to notice any differences, other than the fact that ive heard on the web and in some pc mags that dvd- is sometimes more compatible with older players. Its true that I have been using another make of blank dvd lately (supermarket 'tesco' brand instead of my regular 'imation'.. theyre the same price). After burning, the verification error still seems to come up often, with either :(

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