Nero SW err msg OEM version orig. inst. only

  arniej 18:34 04 Aug 2003

I have a copy of my sisters Nero CD Version 5 and the error message, says that this software will only operate on the original installation, and if we want the full version we have to pay to upgrade it. Apart from the obvious, my frustration at this company trying to get paid twice for the same product, what if my sister has a problem some time sooner or later at which point she decides to get a new processor and wants to install this cd-rw how could she?
Is anybody able to help me to overcome this company trick if so I will be extremely grateful

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 04 Aug 2003

It would seem that your sisters version is an upgrade or a limited edition that comes free with CD writers etc.

'Is anybody able to help me to overcome this company trick'...isn't it not legal to hire, copy or resell software? ;-)))))


  jimv7 18:53 04 Aug 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> is right, your sisters nero software is an oem version tied to her cdrw.

Buy your own.

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