Nero - ordering tracks

  Brian-336451 19:12 01 Oct 2003

I've got what will doubtless turn out to be a really silly problem but has me stumped.

I've used a program to 'cut' up a very large mp3 (an audio book) into 1 hour segments so I can listen on my DVD player downstairs and easily 'regain' where I was when I next listen.

My problem is, the software cut it up beautifully into the required segments and auto numbered them 1,2,3 etc (fine) but when it goes to 11, 12, 13 etc, Nero wants to put #11 after #1 ie out of order, similarly #21 etc after #2

I can't see an easy way of sorting this (I'm sure I'm missing something obvious), but can someone illuminate this for me?

  leo49 19:39 01 Oct 2003

Rename them 01,02,03.......

  Brian-336451 19:44 01 Oct 2003

Its not THAT simple, is it?

  leo49 19:48 01 Oct 2003

'Fraid so - and if you've more than 99 chapters use 001,002,003.... instead.

  Brian-336451 19:54 01 Oct 2003

My cd is whirring away recording all the 'chapters' in the correct order.

What a plonker, funny how we all miss the obvious isn't it?

Thanks again


  mark e 19:56 01 Oct 2003

What program do you use for the task mentioned.


  Brian-336451 06:17 02 Oct 2003

MP3 Surgeon (full - I purchased it)

  mark e 15:21 02 Oct 2003

Thanks for that answer its just the program I need.


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