nero new download.......have you,s got it??????

  frankie 17:15 04 Jan 2003
  frankie 17:15 04 Jan 2003

nero new download.......have you,s got it??????new for me anyway....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:23 04 Jan 2003

Is there anything in it that will make any difference?


  muscic lover 17:27 04 Jan 2003

could it be spyware, or is it as Gandalf said!
what more could nero put on the system anyway?

  Andy 999 17:27 04 Jan 2003

does it include svcd encoding capabilities?
I thought it was stupid when nero had the option to burn and encode svcds when you needed to buy some new .dll files.

aww well

  leo49 18:06 04 Jan 2003

Presumably you're talking about version released December 18th?

Yes it does contain an important innovation; for the first time it incorporates support for Mpeg-4 Audio as well the usual burner updates.


  Stuartli 18:53 04 Jan 2003

According to the Nero website the only improvement seems to be a new version of CDSpeed.

  leo49 20:49 04 Jan 2003

They're just being bashful,Stuartli. I've been experimenting with Mpeg-4 in Nero for a couple of weeks. They haven't apparently got round to publishing the full version history because of the Christmas break.


  Stuartli 21:49 04 Jan 2003

Thanks for the info!

  Migwell 01:11 05 Jan 2003

Which is best nero or Roxio. I feel Nero is but I would like to hear other views.

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