Nero Multisession Problem

  middleroom 23:45 11 Feb 2004

Nero rom 5.5 will not allow me to burn anything, it shows the image recorder but my cdrw has a red circle and cross through it. When you click on ok it says 'nero can only use the recorder it was bundled with'. Nero came installed on my computer when i bought it with the same cdrw. I have updated to the latest version of 5.5, which installed nero express. This will allow me to burn cd's but the multi- session option is greyed out when using cdrw discs. Can anybody help please

  woodchip 23:52 11 Feb 2004

You need to remove NERO entirely from your Computer and Registry and reinstall if it worked before. It’s a new ploy by NERO so you cannot use the software with a different burner, as I tried it with two of my old burners although I have an old Nero for one and CD creator for the other it's only come up with this new NERO software

  hugh-265156 23:54 11 Feb 2004

i may be wrong but i think as the message suggests,bundled versions of nero only work with the drive it is supplied with.

you can purchase nero cheap click here or type "nero oem" into google and click the "pages from uk" box to find other suppliers

  middleroom 00:05 12 Feb 2004

I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling but still same problem. I have only just started using nero even though the computer is 8 mnths old, can't remember if it has ever been working properly. I have uninstalled real one player in case of any conflicts.
As far as i am aware huggyg71 it is the drive it was supplied with??? If i buy a new copy of nero will it work with my current driver?

  hugh-265156 00:26 12 Feb 2004

nero6 is the best burning software i have used.never get any problems with it.

see "3" click here

try the free fully functional 30 day demo of nero6 click here

  middleroom 00:34 12 Feb 2004

Thanks huggyg71, woodchip. I will have a look at possible fixes as detailed in your link and try the demo. I was put off earlier because of 20min download time.

  gudgulf 00:34 12 Feb 2004

I agree with huggyg71----nero 6 is well worth buying.
Also it will work with your current,and any new/additional drives you may add to your computer in the future---So will a full version of 5.5,but 6 is better

  hugh-265156 00:36 12 Feb 2004

supported drives click here and select your manufacturer.

  Stuartli 09:05 12 Feb 2004

OEM versions of Nero supplied with a rewriter usually only work with that particular drive or brand of drive.

However, once updated at the ahead website, the program does seem to work with other models - at least from personal experience.

A pal was having problems with EasyCD on a BTC rewriter so, out of interest, I installed (my regularly updated) Nero 5.5 on his system supplied and used with my TDK rewriter. It worked perfectly.

It also worked without a hitch on the replacement CyberDrive rewriter when the BTC packed up but, in this case, the CyberDrive and BTC models were absolutely identical in appearance and case markings; I presumed that one or the other was a rebadged version.

  woodchip 17:00 12 Feb 2004

If you are on XP then you need to disable XP burning software to get NERO to work

  middleroom 17:26 12 Feb 2004

Woodchip. How do i disable xp burning software? Will media player 9 be causing any conflicts

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